Pussy Cat
Pussy Cat
Jan 22

                          Like  Like  Like
                        L ike  L ike  L ike
                           Like Like Like
                           Like Like Like
                           Like Like Like
                           Like Like Like
                           Like Like Like
                           Like Like Like
                           Like Like Like
                           Like Like Like
                           Like Like Like
                           Like Like Like
                           Like Like Like
              Like Like                  Like Like
         Like Like Like          Like Like  Like
          LikeLikeLike            LikeLike Like
             Like Like                    Like Like


your a friend
at school
we be chillin
bangin lil Susie
on the lunch table
hi Niko

You don't have to be **like** me
Bharti Singh
Bharti Singh
Dec 19, 2014

To be together, forever
You don't have to be like me
You just have to like me


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Like this.
Travis Dixon
Travis Dixon
Jul 30, 2010

Like this.
Like that.
Like this
likes that
that likes
these & those.
Liken this
to that
lichen which
so slow
over corpse & stone,
the likes of which
so few know
or like, let alone
love, like
we know
we should.

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to love like
Celaena Cavierre
Celaena Cavierre
Jan 17, 2014

Days have count
Breaths have weight
The hours bounce
With no bound
Leaving us dead in many ways
Every step
Has its price
Piling debt
Until there’s no more left
Of our lives
So I’ll learn how
to love like…

That’s so powerful and deep…

That’s so vast and unending…

That’s unconditional and enduring…

That’s loyal and true…

That’s brilliant and pure…

That’s clear and sharp…

That’s patient and fierce…

That’s magical and precious…

That’s lovely and meaningful…

That’s beneficial and growing…

I want to love like all the things in the world

love like you've got everything to lose
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I like your touch it keeps me in between.
if only
if only
Aug 18      Aug 18

I like your touch it keeps me in between.
I love your smile its addicting something I need.
I love your honesty.
I like that you make me feel lively.
I love your voice so soothing.
I like that your breathtaking.  
I love your jokes even when they hurt.
I like you so much it hurts.

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Winter is like when you jump in a pool for the first t
May 5

Winter is like when you jump in a pool for the first time in summer
Flowers are like when you fall and scrape your knee on the sidewalk
The feeling of warm blankets is like being lost in the middle of the woods
Love is like when you're bleeding to death and no one will help you

Space is not like a void of darkness
Living alone is not like solitude
Painting is not like making space more attractive
Making music is not like decorating time

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I like girls that wear
Oct 12, 2014      Oct 12, 2014

I like girls that wear
Band shirts
Low top chucks
And skinny jeans

That's turns me on.

Long talks about nothing

Dirty talks

With a touch of love

And I like to say I'll be a record you can play all day

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“I like you” he whispers as we lay intertwined
Amandalee Patience Wilson

“I like you” he whispers as we lay intertwined

the touch of he skin and the way he touches my thigh

the corners of my mouth curl up to the sides

My fingers slide along your skin like the wave of the tide

your goosebumps raise as I trail your sides

tho goosebumps are mine and whats yours is mine.

#i   #you   #like  
that glows like a sunshine !
Aug 4, 2014

What ? How? When and where ?
Enough my mind !
These questions are driving me nuts
due to her
I can't ignore her presence
by pretending being blind
Honestly, I've never confessed my feelings to her
since once I try to do so,
hesitation and fear with my soul intertwine
You know what ?
I'm starting to grow white hair
because the convenient way I can do so,
is quite hard to find !

My sweetheart !

Perhaps there are no moments for us
we share
It's because you haven't seen what I carry inside
However, I constantly see your image
floating in the air
a masterpiece with your name combined
I can't say that people as you aren't rare
since you are one of a kind !
Should I describe your teasing smile
that within the unconscious becomes aware ?
or that pretty face of yours
that glows like a sunshine !
Should I talk about your fascinating eyes and hair ?
or the laughter of yours giving people a piece of a mind !

I don't know how to express my feelings to you
Unless by saying I love you !

#love   #like   #sweetheart  
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