your a friend
at school
we be chillin
bangin lil Susie
on the lunch table
hi Niko

Like this.
Travis Dixon
Travis Dixon
Jul 30, 2010

Like this.
Like that.
Like this
likes that
that likes
these & those.
Liken this
to that
lichen which
so slow
over corpse & stone,
the likes of which
so few know
or like, let alone
love, like
we know
we should.

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that glows like a sunshine !
Aug 4

What ? How? When and where ?
Enough my mind !
These questions are driving me nuts
due to her
I can't ignore her presence
by pretending being blind
Honestly, I've never confessed my feelings to her
since once I try to do so,
hesitation and fear with my soul intertwine
You know what ?
I'm starting to grow white hair
because the convenient way I can do so,
is quite hard to find !

My sweetheart !

Perhaps there are no moments for us
we share
It's because you haven't seen what I carry inside
However, I constantly see your image
floating in the air
a masterpiece with your name combined
I can't say that people as you aren't rare
since you are one of a kind !
Should I describe your teasing smile
that within the unconscious becomes aware ?
or that pretty face of yours
that glows like a sunshine !
Should I talk about your fascinating eyes and hair ?
or the laughter of yours giving people a piece of a mind !

I don't know how to express my feelings to you
Unless by saying I love you !

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“I like you” he whispers as we lay intertwined
Amandalee Patience Wilson

“I like you” he whispers as we lay intertwined

the touch of he skin and the way he touches my thigh

the corners of my mouth curl up to the sides

My fingers slide along your skin like the wave of the tide

your goosebumps raise as I trail your sides

tho goosebumps are mine and whats yours is mine.

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I'd like it if you stayed a while.
Skinny Love
Skinny Love
Jul 16      Jul 18

You make my heart skip a beat
You make my soul want to sing
      You are the reason for my smile
I'd like it if you stayed a while.
      I like the way that our eyes send
Messages.  You're my best friend.
      I think that there is something more.
We'll see what the future has in store.
     But for now, best friends we'll stay
Until that very special day
      When we both realize
That what we have is more than "like"

Sorry for the cheesy childish rhyme. Kinda meant to be read aloud slowly, like you're reading it to them.
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**like a rose**
Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie
Mar 23      Mar 24

like a rose
trampled on the ground
a beautiful delicacy
that has been ignored
not yet found
like a rose
vibrant in all ways
full of potential
who lives its own kind of way
like a rose
we are all like a rose

@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
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e naked truth, reveals itself before me like Venus
K Balachandran

My pet cat licks my face repeatedly; it feels a bit strange
to jut my jaw forward for a feline to lick and make my face wet.
but as I sit my eyes shut, it feels unreasonably nice, then, it dawns:
she is clicking her LIKES on my real Facebook page
                                                                           the way she knows best.
Eureka! this is my tender Archimedes moment !
the naked truth, reveals itself before me like Venus
why the crazy craving, without rhyme or reason
for LIKES in Facebook and cyberspace;
                                                                          now, I understand so well.

#like   #narcissism   #lick   #craze  
dodged that mother-sucker like the plague.
Austin Heath

Came out of the heat and into a strange simmering pot;
my mother accepted the responsibility of a baby
for about half an hour or so.
It cried.
It cried so damn much.
She tried to hand it off to me, and I
dodged that mother-sucker like the plague.
Of the top three things I "don't",
babies are two.
God damn it cried so much.
That's all I have to say.

Mary Carol Ann Like
Carol Like

On being an old soul

It is difficult to be an old soul
Within this world of ours
I’ve only known a few
Who understand its powers

It is easy to see the grand mistakes
Others will take on
It is imperative we let them be
And let them carry on

For it is within each soul’s contract
To decide the path in which their life will take
We must not dissuade them from their destiny
For if we do, it may change their fate.

Mary Carol Ann Like
Copyright June 2014

you called me beautiful
i wanted to believe you, i did
and i try so hard not to object you
but i cannot help my feelings
i cannot deny what i see in the mirror
so i apologize if i aggravate you with my fear

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