Home has never been home
Nov 5, 2014

Please get me out of here
I can't bare it, can't stand it
I need you to come back and save me
Home has never been home
The root of my hurts, pains
I need you to come back
Help me get away

Title is dumb, suggestions welcome.
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*This* is now my home
Jan 6, 2015

I am stuck in 50 shades of gray
Nothing sexual
But depressing
Like a bird who nestles in a tree
A bear who hibernates
A lion trapped in a cage
I find comfort in the gray
This is now my home

My aunt thinks I like being sad.
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Home isn't here.
Jul 7, 2015

Look around you.
Home isn't here.
Home isn't there.
Home is within You.
Home is everywhere.

Enjoy your Home ;)

Apr 4, 2015

Even after you move,
your muscles still turn
the steering wheeling
to your old house
and you tell your brain
that the movements are wrong
but still you do it,
in case you drive back
to what used to be
and find
that it is still yours

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*"home is heaven"*,
Le Lotus
Le Lotus
Aug 12, 2014

"home is heaven",
Home is home
Heaven is heaven
Heaven got no problems
Home is no heaven.

#home   #heaven   #no  
rn left at this light and it'll take me home.
Jun 15, 2014

Turn left at this light and it'll take me home.
Take me home?
Where is home?
Home is no longer a place for me.
Home is in your arms, where I wish I could be.

just take me home.
#love   #heartbreak   #home   #hurt   #lesbian  
Whenever you come home,
Hailey P
Hailey P
Dec 15, 2014

Whenever you come home,
you send me a text saying:
"Hunny, I'm home."

And sometimes I call you:

Because when I'm with you.
I feel so safe.
Like I'm home.

Home is for love
ezra warhol - jdotingham

Home is for love
Home is for life
Home is for sleep
Home is for ... Christ?
Home is for time
Home is for dine
Home is not mine
It's ours
Whether religious, sisters, misters or Christmas.
Home is ours.

Family is wonderful. A bunch of misfits who are slammed together by the fact they are related. They may be arguments. They may be celebrations. But it's wonderful all the same.
The only home I have
Madeleine Howard
Madeleine Howard
Jul 9, 2014

The only home I have
Is the one I build inside myself
The roof is cracked
The doors are broken
The electricity goes out
And ghosts awoken
Although rats scurry
And the AC is dead
It is my own home

If you're home is where you're heart is, I'm not at ho
Sep 27, 2014

If you're home is where you're heart is, I'm not at home yet.

Positively made <3
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