so just
Otteri selvakumar
Otteri selvakumar
Jul 19, 2016

Old sky
old sun
waiting morning
ready my
bed tea
mother sounding
so hot
so just
i want
just sleep
with bed tea
bee cool

Winter time morning sleep at school days
#just   #cool   #sleeptea  
You were just right...
MaryJane Doe
MaryJane Doe
Oct 7, 2014

You were just right...
      In the wrong kind of light

#10w   #right   #just  
It's gonna be okay, it's just rain.
Trevon Haywood
Trevon Haywood
Dec 14, 2015

It's gonna be okay, it's just rain.
Because i don't want to get wet.
I always keep dry under my umbrella.

Anonymous. 12/14/2015.
©2015 Trevon S. Haywood.

#rain   #its   #just  

through vocal cords
sound waves

no significance

without meaning
and lips

muscles moving
when you speak

When you speak all I hear is words
#words   #you   #meaningless   #just   #sound  
Just wait,
Jan 26, 2015

Just wait,
just wait one moment.
Come on, please...
I'm practically begging you!

Please, just wait...
I need you.
I want you.

Please, please wait...
I should have told you.
Come on, please...
Look at me!

I love you.

#love   #please   #i   #you   #just   #wait  
Just one jump, Boy I'm ready
Feb 3, 2015

Sorry love, sorry love
I know you care
But please always remember now
That you wouldn't dare
You wouldn't dare stop me
Or even try to test me
Just one jump, Boy I'm ready
Just pretend I'm not there


All Just      &nbs
Thomas Maltuin
Thomas Maltuin
Jun 7, 2015

Love War                
craving gore                    I see no red
turning once
beloved hope,                      
companionship,                          cast
warm loyalty,                            upon
against strangers
false hatred
created by                              my well
stolen bravery               gloved hand
filling the hungry
void of cowardice
who cares right?                       forget
why fight                                      it all
boredom surely
blood lust
All Just                   for a dollar's sake

This poem has at least two meanings.
Surely there are more. I'll leave that up to you though.
I'm interested to see what you all get out of this. so please
comment if you have an idea. There are no wrong answers.
#love   #war   #all   #just   #bloodlust  
I'm just a butterfly
Shalu Suresh
Shalu Suresh
Apr 19, 2016

I'm just a butterfly
A black butterfly
Varying hues around me
But, the world is blind
Colors faded...
My wings, broken
Your hearts, dead
No love, No peace
Disaster strikes
All because of you
Don't turn around
It's you, yourself...

Just friends we promised
eliza bonnet
eliza bonnet
Jun 3, 2014

Just friends we promised
Nothing more
The kisses didn't count if no one knew
The sneaking out, worthless as long as it stayed between us
For we were just

#love   #friends   #anger   #hate   #secret   #crush   #sensual   #like   #miss   #just   #with   #benefits   #fwb  
That feeling just before
Will Rogers III
Will Rogers III
Feb 24, 2015

That feeling just before
The nervousness that swells
Inside you just before
The butterflies that tell
You of feelings just before
You call the beautiful girl
Who laughed just before
You walked into the door
Which was closed just before
You walked up to see her
And you smiled just before
Your eyes met in joy and peace

Just before

Just right there before, listen.

[composed on January 19, 2014]
#girl   #beautiful   #feeling   #just   #met   #smiled   #before  
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