Oct 11, 2016

hello heart-eyed doe,
tripping over your delicate feet
following the warm promise
of spring

hello heart-eyed doe,
don't let your spirit go
while you're out searching
for your love

i am in love again.
Aug 8, 2014

So damn much
To listen to songs we danced to.

Why does it hurt?
You are so far away in miles
Yet so close in my heart.
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Silence Screamz
Silence Screamz
Oct 10, 2014

In the bag of death he lay,
all zipped up, here to stay.

Upon his toe, there hangs a tag,
Dead on Arrival, lies on the slab.

Eyes closed shut, red everywhere.
Taken away,  nobody cares.

His pain is gone, he cries no more.
Silence is simple, down to the core.

Shot in the chest, wouldn't you know?
Another victim is gone named John Doe.

About the senseless killings on our city streets around the nation.   Stop the violence.
#death   #stop   #violence   #shot   #john   #doe  
But does one really make noise with no one aroun
Cory Meece
Cory Meece
Apr 18, 2014

The key was thrown away a long time ago
So the odds of him showing are never to no
No sign of light
Unable to break these bars even when using all his might
Soon his fingers will have weithered away to nothing
Clawing at the walls like it's going to do something
He knows it won't
Bleeding from the throat, screaming or atleast trying to....he's lost his voice
But does one really make noise with no one around?

This is another one of my older ones i think thats the last of them I'll post the rest will most likely be new
#noise   #one   #make   #does  
Love does not exist,
Jan 14, 2015

Love does not exist,
not for me.

I can see, why some think it does,
but all good apples go bad.

Pick a place, I'd be there,
Near or far, I don't care
You pick the wine, and we share
Cheers to us

May you find a love forever,
I hope she's kinder than me.

We're a long way from summer,
In some ways we're still there,
I etched our names in a pub one day
and left our lust to wander round there

We'll never stop fighting,
But leaving's not an option now,
I can't remember the last time you stayed
Love does not exist

This is a tribute to a great poet, if you know him, you're a friend of mine
#love   #lust   #not   #soul   #unrequited   #exist   #fighting   #mate   #does  
Does it matter that every time I try to get
Apr 30, 2015

Does it matter that every time I try to get out of the bed, my head feels like it's being pounded with at least 500 sledgehammers?
Does it matter, that every time I try to breathe, my lungs lock out any air and let me drown in my own dusty and black smoke?
Does it matter that every time I see you it's just like the world has stopped?
Does it matter that every time I cross near you, I can smell the cologne that leaves me breathless?
Does it matter that every time I go to school, you choose to ignore me? Does it matter that when you cross in front of me you don't even glance in my way?
Does it matter that I feel helpless when you play around with her, wishing that it was me you were playing with?
In the end, I believe it doesn't because I know you'll never notice.

#it   #does   #matter  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Oct 24, 2016

I thank you a lot for being my lovely flame,
For helping me in continuing this game,
This game I refer to is played for life,
Not about playing with emotions,
You did not tell me any lie ever,
Neither did you confess back,
Nor did you reject mine...

I am happy because of your truthful things,
Being truthful you proved your strength,
Truthfully telling you my current state,
Just as you are in my dreams now,
Truly I'll see you filling the gap,
You did not deserve boycott,
Tested the waters I have...

HP Poem #1213
©Atul Kaushal
#sleep   #not   #i   #you   #me   #let   #memory   #thank   #does   #your  
The Truth
May 26, 2015

The taste of cherry, that laid on her lips
The smile of happiness when she grinned
The way she danced, the sway of the hips
Just a thought lost in the wind

The rise of sun, the cast of dawn
The fall of the moon, the glisten in the stars
Beauty that seems to only be drawn
A glimpse as if smoke from a cigar

Faded into a book of time
For where it stops just for a moment
Hovering over, waiting to be climbed
Till the day she's finally chosen

The glimmer that sets, upon her hair
Hoping to catch that single glare
A woman that holds all to fair
If only she know how much I care

#original   #she   #know   #does   #thetruth   #tt   #asparxianart   #asparx  

When one leaves,
They never really do.
They are present in the void
They have left you with.

Sometimes, you think you'd be recovered from a heartbreak.
But when I saw the picture of the pagoda I took on that day,
I saw your face.
Memories resurfaced,
the sewn heart has a few stitches loosened,
and what if's appeared once more like how they did on that fateful morning.
We weren't close,
I admit we never were.
But you affected me greatly,
and I wish I'd done better.
Now I can only look at you in photographs or in memories and dreams.
Suddenly, reality seemed less of a reality compared to the dreams and photographs you were in.

It's my grandma's first death anniversary. I suddenly miss her. Her absence doesn't feel real.
#sad   #regret   #death   #never   #us   #absence   #does   #grandma   #part   #anniversary  
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