Springs Of Japanese Wisdom by Yamabe no Akahito

The mists rise over
The waters at Asuka;
Memory does not
Pass away so easily.

Asuka gawa
Kawa yodo sarazu
Tatsu kiri no
Omoi sugu beki
Koi ni aranuku ni

The autumn wind
Blows chill this morn
On the hill of Sanu
Where you should be passing:
My garb I'd lend you, if I could.  

My great lord:
From the eternal palace,
Wherein we serve,
On the field of Sahiga,
Looking back
At the isles far offshore:
Where on the fresh, clean shoreline
With the blowing of the wind,
Breakers roar
And with the ebbing of the tide,
They go cutting jewelled seaweed:
From the age of gods
An awesome,
Jewelled mountain isle.

To the fields in springtime
Picking violets
Did I come
So welcoming the fields
A single night I slept there.  

At my house
I sowed and nurtured cockscomb
It withered, yet
No wiser, once again
I'll sow, I feel.

From the bay at Tago
I see, when gazing out,
Pure white-
On the heights of Fuji's peak-
The snow has fallen

poetic form :- Tanka

To my good friend
Would I show, I thought,
The plum blossoms,
Now lost to sight
Amid the falling snow.

From the morrow
Would I pick new herbs
But in my marked out fields
Both yesterday and today
The snow has kept on falling

— The End —