Springs Of Japanese Wisdom by Yamabe no Akahito

The mists rise over
The waters at Asuka;
Memory does not
Pass away so easily.

Asuka gawa
Kawa yodo sarazu
Tatsu kiri no
Omoi sugu beki
Koi ni aranuku ni

My great lord:
From the eternal palace,
Wherein we serve,
On the field of Sahiga,
Looking back
At the isles far offshore:
Where on the fresh, clean shoreline
With the blowing of the wind,
Breakers roar
And with the ebbing of the tide,
They go cutting jewelled seaweed:
From the age of gods
An awesome,
Jewelled mountain isle.

The autumn wind
Blows chill this morn
On the hill of Sanu
Where you should be passing:
My garb I'd lend you, if I could.  

From the bay at Tago
I see, when gazing out,
Pure white-
On the heights of Fuji's peak-
The snow has fallen

poetic form :- Tanka

At my house
I sowed and nurtured cockscomb
It withered, yet
No wiser, once again
I'll sow, I feel.

To my good friend
Would I show, I thought,
The plum blossoms,
Now lost to sight
Amid the falling snow.

To the fields in springtime
Picking violets
Did I come
So welcoming the fields
A single night I slept there.  

From the morrow
Would I pick new herbs
But in my marked out fields
Both yesterday and today
The snow has kept on falling

— The End —