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I will spend hours
Braiding all our tender roots
Into a tight noose.

Let me dig my roots
Up and out of your taut flesh,
You are salted soil.
there's an eden
waiting for you
between these thick trunk thighs,
enter again the garden,
drink from my waterfalls
and taste a little creation.
I found dusk in you,
welcomed it willingly.
Almost forgot dawn.
I, foolish lover
you, down-low *******
no loving for cowardice
to know your skin
is to know the turmoil of creation
you are the visceral
the primal roar
urging its way out

i will shape you
mold you out of sand
draw your pleasure out
and ruin your salvation

you've given me a taste
so now i'll sniff out your blood
and crawl my way over
and snarl and scratch at you
and feast on your flesh
i searched for you
in the countless bodies
of over 30 year olds
before i reached 18,
in the multiplying bruises
from the spankings on my ***
that you and they
adorned me with,
calling any man
who held me
after entering me
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