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Wileh Kama Jun 2014
The harder I can try
Searching if this Globe will ever end
Can I ever find the End?
Where art thou?

Patiently, silently, raising
My swollen eyes to the above
To find only
Day skies with grey clouds
Obscuring my horizons
Where art thou my Sunshine?

Drowning felt like centuries
Falling infinitely
Wading endlessly into the abyss
Of the Lake PiundeYaudo
Struggling, jolting, helplessness, breathless
Freezing polar ice cold
Absolute devil darkness
Screaming your name
No one hears me
Death grasp my soul

Where art thou? my Sweet Breathe!
Where art thou? my Addictive Warmth!
Where art thou? my Eternal Flame!
Where art thou? my Divide Help!

Is it not
Just another terrible nightmare
Mi Angel Love
Where art thou?

By:Wileh Kama
Wileh Kama Jun 2014
It’s a Human World
Since inherent mistakes occur
No single man is ever pure
Nothing is ever perfect
Only Omega is perfect
Eve and Adam sinned
But lessons will be learnt
Eternal Light beams through the darkness
Wisdom evolves
The Human world becomes a better place
Disappointment ceases
Time creepily heaps the wounded
Understanding, unity, acceptance prevails
Love amazingly saves all
We are one human being
We are one human being family
In this one big human world we share
It’s a human world

By: Wileh Kama

— The End —