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Vladimir Ruduke Jun 2012
I swallow my pride
My mouth spits these words

Some die
Others are hurt
Reminessing in memories
Restless in sleep
Your my reason
Vladimir Ruduke Jun 2012
Chains of gold
Forever bonded
to my soul
Wires bared with gold
Forever coiled
around my heart
Your stare of beauty
Forever stole
my breath from me
begging you on my knees
I'll say never
please just stay
Vladimir Ruduke Jun 2012
Eyes narrow
Mind rushes
Mouth spits hateful words

Head drops
Eyes waters
Feet quicken
Tears fly

Hand raise
Words whispered
Finger squeezes
Bullet flies
Blood splatters
Eyes darken
Body slouches and falls
Blood pools around head
Everything blackens
Vladimir Ruduke Jun 2012
The heart flutters
The mind races
The muscle tightens
The body burns with desire
Nature takes control
Hair is pulled
Backs are clawed
Lips are pressed against
Acts of Lovers
Passions of Love
Vladimir Ruduke Mar 2012
ashes to ashes
dust to dust

for every heart
born into darkness
darkness shall it return

but look for the light
in between the darkness
for that is life and happiness

but be mindful of the darkness
Vladimir Ruduke Jan 2012
All because of you
I haven’t slept in so long
when i do
I see you again
all because of you
I haven’t slept in so long
when i do
I hold you again crying
all because of you
I haven’t slept in so long
when I do
you haunt me again
with these words of yours
All because of you
I believe in demons
not the kind with wings
no, not the kind with horns
the kind that steals you from me
All because of me
you hate me
Vladimir Ruduke Dec 2011
broken dreams for broken promises
broken within tainted nightmare
broken heart for broken bones
tainted nightmare of her face
a broken soul for a broken body
I see her but only in nightmares
she speaks to me but i cannot hear her
but I don’t need to
for I already know what she say
holding her almost dead body
‘I hate you’
a tainted memory in a tainted nightmare

— The End —