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underthesheets Mar 2021
The miles we walk
the paths we take
the stories we share
the sisters we gain along the way
underthesheets Mar 2021
But you have to live life!
Sometimes I am overwhelmed of how much life we can live
How many laughters and smiles we can share
How much joy we can bring
This world, no matter how unfortunate, will always have something good
In the little things, the way we wake up, make our coffee, share a ride with stragers in the bus, the way we know we are much closer to home at dusk, the city lights, how we struggle with our keys in anticipation of rest, and how we close our eyes for a well deserved break
All innately good, aways on the verge of great
And how magical that its all within us to make it so
underthesheets Feb 2021
When did we start living our lives by numbers
Who gave us the permission to measure ourselves in ones and zeros
With tables, charts, sheets, graphs
When did we learn to tie our worth in our struggle and fatigue
Why is our beauty and opinion in tapped fingers
Where should we go? Where do we start?
underthesheets Feb 2021
As I close my eyes tonight, I sleep in my own comfort
For months there was a longing, a constant urge to look for companionship
And I remember the times when a warm body was close to help soothe the demons of the mind
And fill the the needs of the body, the longings of the heart
Now, there is acceptance, there is release
I close my eyes ever restful than before
I am here, I am alone, but I am with me
underthesheets Feb 2021
Be consistent and kinder
Words are spells, weapons stronger than guns and knives
Words can build and destroy
They can bind and distance
Often times we do not know what we say or who we say it to
So be careful and gentle on what you say next
Even if, and especially, if you're talking to yourself.
underthesheets Feb 2021
At the end of everyday, what we truly seek is love.
Somewhere, something, someone
That requires no pretending, no walls, no introduction
A place, a thing, a person
Where, that, who we can plummet in, on, or to
Without thoughts, without words, sometimes even without movement

What binds us, what keeps us going, what saves us from our darkness
What light we allow, the grace we permit ourselves to receive
At the end game - it all falls to this.
underthesheets Feb 2021
Mother Moon smiles at me
She says it’s okay to be alone
If alone is grounding, is peaceful, is safe
Because, child, there will be many battles to be fought
There will be times, lots, when you’ll be thrown into death
But now, tonight, rest in the bossom of your mother
Let her comfort you, care for you, tell you all is well
My mother smiles at me, she embraces me in her cool breeze
And I am home.
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