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218 · Jan 10
Letting go
Emma Jan 10
He seems far now
I didn't staulk his house today 
Or did i?
Yes he seems far now
I did staulk his house 
But only once
I finally let go
Don't know at what time
Or hour
i forgave him for all the hurt
And i love him too
for I got to see his good side
It was his bad side 
That has finally separate
Us after years of 
of needing him like my life
Depended on his hurting 
Of being co dependent 
Of being okay with being 
Second and at times no one
199 · Jan 17
Emma Jan 17
There was love inside
Just for him
Love even when
He did not love me
There was love
A lot of love
Even when he
Chose someone other
Than me
There were nights
I prayed to not feel anything
Meanwhile he was happy
Without me
There was love inside me
An angry love
When he looked for me
All the hurt went away
All was forgiven
There was love inside me
An undeserved love
I wanted to love him
Still with all my heart
But i couldn't love
Him even if i tried
30 · Jan 17
What love is
Emma Jan 17
Love bears all things,
believes all things,
hopes all things,
endures all things.
But don't get confused what
Love is.
I cor 13:7

— The End —