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Lovely Jun 2019
One of the
Best compliments
I have ever recieved was
“I could write a book about you”
Lovely Jun 2019
I fell asleep last night
Wearing nothing
But a face mask
Lovely Jun 2019
Things happen.
The past
Is the past
And there
It will stay.
Lovely May 2019
That baby in the womb
Will grow and flourish
Just to come out
To a world
Full of so many things
Good and bad
The bad being the worst
And the good being the beautiful
They will grow into the people
They will be
They will be influenced
By every single person they see
Shaping themselves into
The future of our tomorrow
Lovely May 2019
Always leaves
In the end
Whether it’s on their own terms
Or not
Lovely May 2019
When you left
The world didn’t end.
But mine did.
Lovely May 2019
Who am I to be
Without you
Being me?
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