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Daana Mar 2019
So we were once friends
I knew you longer then her
But she comes along
She acts possessive as she should
But then she threatens me
And you don't seem to care
So naturally I retaliate,
Suddenly Im the bad guy.
You say "you don't know her"
Well she doesn't know me.
You choose her over me,
Someone who's known you
For so much longer.
You call me a btch,
And then block me on everything
Some friend you are,
Well ***** you too f
Daana Mar 2019
Hands clenched tightly,
Heart poundly loudly,
All senses heightened.
I see her there,
She's ready to blow,
All the anger that has built up,
Has turned into this.
She's become the manifestation
Of anger turned to rage.
She wants to be let loose,
To destroy all in her path.
The more she's repressed,
The stronger she becomes,
The louder her howling rings.
Suddenly, I blink,
And find myself in front of the mirror.
I look deep at my reflection,
To see her burning fiery eyes
Have replaced my blue gray ones.
Frowning I whisper softly,
"Not yet, Rage. Not yet."
And in my mind, I hear her reply.
"No...not yet...but soon."
And the dark promise that is made
Taste like blood, smoke,
And the ozone before a violent storm.
Daana Dec 2018
You say you know me,
You don't know a **** thing.
You say you can tell what I'm feeling
Yet you often guess wrong.
You say that I often lie
Wrong, I don't tell the full truth
You think you know me as your daughter
But to me its like you are a stranger.
You say I can come to you with anything
Without saying a word of judgment
Yet the times I have tried, you were oh so quick to judge
You say you listen to the full story
That you hear my silent screams
But your smiles of plated gold
Are nothing more than honeyed lies.
Tears of sorrow are in truth tears of rage
But its not like I can tell you
You won't listen anyway.
You always turn it around so that youre the victim.
I do things to make you proud,
I share things with you that I think are important
But you brush them off, saying they're stupid.
And now you wonder why I don't tell you anymore
You wonder why I don't come to you anymore
Why I don't share the important things
Or tell you what I'm truly thinking and feeling.
You think you know me Mother...
But you truly don't know a **** thing.
Daana Dec 2018
Mother I know you love me dearly
Mother I know you want me safe
But please mother, its been past time
You need to let me go.
All my life you've sheltered me
All my life you've protected me
But please Mother,
You need to let me go.
I want to spread my wings and fly
I want to see whats out there in life
I cannot do that if you smother me
I cannot do that if you keep holding on
Mother I love you dearly,
But you need to let me go.

— The End —