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Glazel Salundro Jul 2020
You told me I was the moon and you are the planet. You promised to love me eventhough I have different phases. I found out that you are the planet Mars and I am not your only moon.
Glazel Salundro Jul 2020
pretty skies,
cold weather,
soft rains,
coffee shops,
morning kisses,
back hugs,
deep conversation under blanket of stars,
Glazel Salundro Jul 2020
who are you when i am not watching?
can i trust the same man i love?

who are you when the sky is full of stars and i'm not by your side to gaze at them?
can i assure you won't look for another woman to watch the pretty sky with you?
Glazel Salundro Jul 2020
break my heart and you'll see memories of sunset, sunrise, skies in pretty colors, rain and flowers

break my heart and you'll see a map of galaxies

break my heart and you'll see laughter and smiles of children

break my heart and you'll see all of these in shattered pieces

— The End —