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I love neither your smile
Nor your being charm
But every single piece of you
From top to bottom
Most of all the way you look at me.
I hate being with you
Because reminds me that
'I love you.'
I am Not on the List
Maybe I Am the List.
Look ennoble and
High profile
And clean and tie
Before the crowd
Behind no one
But after yourself
Beside your bride
Just loud and proud.
No money
No funny.
No name
No fame.
No pain
No gain.
No man
No cry.
No more
Truth shakes
Both the Earth and the sky
Lies do the same
On the other side
Hard to play
When you don't want to try
Bad heck
Perptuate self disguise
Creates sound tie
Like a prasaite
And seeks fertile ground
To apply
If you don't step aside
Before you know
It takes you down
The time you wake up
Everything is gone.
Never hide in the dungeon;
In the shadow of the weak
Struggle to come out of the dark
Live strong
And die hard
With freedom
Like a free man
Like nothing else
But like a man.
#Weak #Strong #Man #Poetry
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