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The phantom assassin picks up her blade of blood
Having ended the war with the demons
Thanks to the one who backed her hood
After ceasing the battle through the obstacle
Magina has done his role...he conquered the meadow
Then to ancient, his soul remains bleeding
But he can not see Mot-red's shadow
That the eye of her never blinks
She can not believe in anyone’s cry
For the demons still dwell in her shadow
As been caught in their evil’s macabre
Trusting only time can make her whole
The sacrificial of who holded them at war
Cries in the triumph of battle end
Avenged and laughed at those who tried
But never ends the duality raging within
The blood on her death sword below
A sequence of cries he cried
Her power to hide his soul at deathblow
Reigns the dawn of the glory
He had killed and been killed for his glove
Giving hand to the shadow princess
Searching for the meaning of sacrificial love
Soul always holding behind her shadow
Strength confirms but the war doesn’t dies
By the tears in the edge of her blade
With eternal rays from his eyes
The blood still fall from the heaven
Those who shielded under their stand
Bows before the tears in her eyes
His back to her soul at the demon land
Breaks the secrecy of the her mask
She lay down beside crippling soul
Rubbing his hand to let out genie
Wanting to let out the console
Only to see him smile over blushing mask
Will she never weep in the rain
Of this blushing magic killer
Knowing he always will be in pain
Fighting the joy that has never existed
There is never a higher word
To define his hand for her
Some only understands partial
The tale within the past time

— The End —