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Triston Wareing May 2016
What is life really
One moment after another
Until one day
Someone has stopped calling
They stop breathing
People left to stand over a coffin
But soon enough
Enough moments will pass
And their funeral will not be the last

What is life really
One moment after another
Until one day
someone is gathered around your casket
Talking about your last words
But soon enough
Enough moments will pass
And your funeral will not be the last
Triston Wareing May 2016
what the hell is wrong with me
What have I become
Seriously ...
I blame this on a curse
On a love that is burning
On a what if
Two years ____
You've given two years
You waited
You waisted
She's not coming back
How'd it feel
Show empathy
Show empathy
Show empathy
You've been there
Why am I doing this to another soul
You've been there
Not in tears, but In a ****** knuckle stoop,
Of rage, and pain, and lies
she didn't lie to you
But you to her

You were, was, are the best thing that has ever happens to me.
Two years is a blink of an eye

I love you like a classic car.
I admire your smell and beauty
Your sound and movement
But I can only love from afar

NO! **** THAT

You are mine
You are mine
I will wait for the day we align
I will wait for the day we are porch kids
For the day we are porch parents
For the day we are porch grand parents

So for eternity we will share
Coffee and laughs
Cigarettes and tears
Tender love and passionate fights

                     Till the day
                            We will have
                                        Eternity .....
Triston Wareing May 2016
Night time is the worst times to write

My dreams are blocked

Instead I lay, absorbing everything like a camera.

I hear the crickets chirp

Feel the cool trickle of the water pouring from the water spout

I have the inevitable passion to just get up and run

Run from all the past thoughts and memories

Run to a quiet place that is too loud to bear because some times silence has the highest decibel

I want to jump and be swallowed by a sea of fire

Anywhere is better than here

Anyone is better than you

And anytime before that night I was happy
Triston Wareing Apr 2016
It's a delicate situation

It's a sickness that has no cure

Much like a headache sometime sleep is the best thing

Sometimes you wake up worse than you were the night before

What happened to that train of thought.

What makes the pen too heavy

What makes the alcohol easier

Why can't I just pick up the pen and write this down  

What power does my mind have to flip on and off the switch of everlasting emotion

Can it truly be this easy to watch your life go by like a sitcom

I still can't figure out if I Am on the outside looking in or am I on the inside looking out.

Maybe is the whiskey shots in The crowded western saloon

Or chain smoking to the thought and desperation of death

Where does the story stop and the man begin

— The End —