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Trisha Aug 2014
"I'm afraid of the dark. There's no one to guide me anymore"

"I think it's time you should be your own guardian, because in this wonderful world, my friend, no one cares. No one will ever care either. You should be independent. You must learn to survive, independently. The world is a deep sea, full of sharks. If you don't survive, you're not given a second chance. Because in the end, no one ever cares, my friend. No one cares."
My own saying, original **
Trisha Jun 2014
You make me smile,
    like the sun.

You make me forget;
   all my worries.

You make me love;
   you even more everyday.

You taught me how;
  to live every moment.

You are the reason;
  behind me being happy.

You make me skip;  
  a heart beat.

Oh, you make me smile.
That's a poem I found on tumblr, relatable shizz. :) **
Trisha Jun 2014

Please go through these. It's wonderful, you won't regret.
Lyrical Inspirations.
  Jun 2014 Trisha
loving someone
who is incapable of love
is self destructive.
Trisha Jun 2014
"It was rather beautiful;
The way she put her insecurities to sleep,
And the way he dove into her eyes and starved
All the fears and tasted all the dreams,
She kept beneath her bones."
This quote is beautiful ansjajakallal;
Trisha Jun 2014
She was as delicate,
as a flower.

                                   But with time, all her beautiful petals,
                                   had fallen off because of her sadness.

He left, her bestfriend left,
All her leaves, weren't green,

                                  She broke a little inside;
                                  Slowly, with time,
                                  The delicate, beautiful,
                                  flower, died.

She was Orphic.
Trisha May 2014
In that moment, everything seemed so perfect,
Things were in place, like never before,
All the people were invited, and everything was set,
After all this, I couldn't have asked for more.

I've dreamt of this day, since I was little child,
The day I'll leave my parents, the day I'll be a,
Wife and soon a mother, being a daughter side by side,
I was excited but scared at the same time, you see.

It is a special day, a very special day of my life,
I would always want it to be perfect, just the way I want,  
They said, at first, for a few days, it's going to be tough,
But I was ready, I thought, I was, finally.

He was standing on the other side,
I walked through the aisle, with my father,
It felt like a dream, well it wasn't, or maybe it was,
Rose petals, and flowers everywhere, it felt perfect.

".....and now the groom may kiss the bride."
That day, was unforgettable, and ofcourse,
It was the best and perfect kiss ever,
It was exactly like I dreamt of, exactly.

I couldn't thank my mum and dad enough,
For making this day so special, so very special,
And ofcourse my beloved husband, who's promised,
To never leave me, I did too, forever.

My wedding day.
It couldn't have been better,
I couldn't have asked for more.
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