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triggerword Mar 2020
my first kiss was a druggy pig
stuck in an anti-wedding dress
pinning me down to undressed mattresses
waif-like little insect I was
hope to be
triggerword Feb 2020
there are worse things than heartbreak
but there’s nothing better
triggerword Dec 2019
it’s pretty up on the eleventh floor
the better to fling myself from
and if they ask
just say I was trying to fly away
it’s a long way down from rock bottom
triggerword Nov 2019
no one thought to ask the little girls why  they did it
why they cut and burned
why they starved and retched
and otherwise mutilated themselves
because they were so beautiful
and didn’t they know?
but they never asked us
not outright
we knew what we had to do
and we didn’t wonder why
we were just slaying the monsters slowly
and that was more beautiful than we could ever be
triggerword Nov 2019
i don’t believe in the god that told me he loved me...

and then let me burn
triggerword Oct 2019
they put my grandmother in a box
and strangers came to mourn
shedding tears too weak to taste
they better burn me when I go
triggerword Sep 2019
my mother never taught me how to fly
because ladies don’t use their wings
and neither do I

— The End —