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Miles Jun 2019
i thought it was over
the war over my skin
my body a battlefield
his desire to sin
men's hands are so greedy
his fingers soaked in me
his palms burn my body
his touch seeks all of me
but it's never enough
it's getting hard to be tough
im wounded from battle
tired of the fight
it's torture to be alive
in a state only to survive
i am sick of this
i thought it was over
all in the past
but war keeps resuming
he didn't even ask
Miles Jun 2019
i drive my knife into guts
bleeding out raw wounds for show and tell
my wrists split open
spewing red fluid
a scream to drown out inner soliloquy
my ears are ringing
screeches penetrate deeper than bone
i cannot contain
the degree of which your words destroy me
im coughing up bile
my guts in knots
anguish enough to devour my entirety
Miles May 2019
it’s dizzying
this clouded thinking
thoughts of
he’s touching
touched me

i don’t want to be touched
not anymore
Miles May 2019
it’s days like these
sea glass, cool breeze
a pretty ******* the beach

it’s nights like these
fresh bed sheets, sweet nothings
smiling while we sleep
Miles May 2019
i toss my hammer into your glass
you can pick up the pieces

lost and taunted
faithlessness haunted
you are on your last breath

shards of glass
crushed beneath your hands
not only i can make you a mess
Miles May 2019
when i screamed my stomach almost came through my mouth it was so loud

i have my own relationship with suicide n sometimes the jokes speak whats within
and i mentioned i didn’t know how to swim
we were alone and if he jumped or fell i couldnt have saved him

but i ran
as fast as i could i ran
toward the ice hill he no longer stood upon

i don’t know if i made it to him first but i yelled to the shore
the volume surpassing what i previously thought was possible
but loudest just wasnt loud enough
Miles May 2019
the air around is stiff
atmosphere is still
the earth stops mid-spin
it’s happening all over again

i can hardly let out a howl
i feel him groan against my neck
i scarcely let out breath
his body leaks his stench

i am powerless against him
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