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Tim Marshland Apr 2012
make my day

twine it really good

throw in an adventure,
and a question

go nuts, be someone else today,
different tomorrow

day after tomorrow
i fall in love
Tim Marshland Mar 2012
you become even more beautiful

just by looking at the sea

thinking where is the ice

though you don´t miss it

it´s just weird

that it´s no longer there

no kids ice skating

no crevasses banging
Tim Marshland Mar 2012
It´s saturday already,
week´s about to end.
Don´t get dressed,
let´s stay in bed.

Let´s hug and remember.
Like that warm night in september.
Window was open
and a bird sang a tune.

And how about that afternoon
when we were out of radio
and television?
There was that blackout,
you remember?

And what did we do?
We were in heaven
and didn´t hurry back.

— The End —