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I thought I could easily find you,
Mild springs of this youth screamed again,
To continue, or to stop hoping, forever.

I dream of you, I easily dream of you,
And I know, you are nothing I knew before.
Soothing, your voice is leading me.

Through these decades of my youth,
And easily, oh how vividly easily,
I am losing you.

Walking or running, I dream of you.
How easily your eyes are alive in here.

To show me places I never saw
But still,
Searching you.
With my eyes, I set the sun
Beaming reflection of burning fire.
No passion.
Just hate and anger.

Boiling bleeding blood vessels,
Resurrecting hidden sculls,
To announce another man's fatality.
Hatred and wickedness of the heart.
I am bringing you down.

Confusion set the state for
The neurons of my mind
Unkindness dripping-skip
No sleeping.
Clock out of my entire system.
Forbidden desire of the soul.
I am bringing you down.

Pain painting.
Hurt? I'm hurting.
With a drip from the fountain of tears
I found myself crying.
The spell of unhappiness has been broken.
Selfish ambitions.
I am bringing you down.

Intensifying the tenacity of gravity's grip
Around the scope of my arena.
Tardiness and misfortunes.
I am bringing you down.
Like rotten branches of a tree.
I am bringing you down.
I cannot write a love poem, anymore.
Since you are gone, leaving the heart in emptiness
In places where clouds covering the moon,
My soul is also present.
Solitude of nothingness.

Do tell me, my love, how to stop the tears,
To see the sea full of pearls,
To reach the colours of spring flowers,
Because, a lifetime without you, I melt down.
I can no longer find my words to my poems,
And the rest will dissolve, in pieces of time and space.
A little fast, a little slow
A little high, a little low
Through the years, the wind blows
Through the years, the time flows.

The runner pants for moment
Huffing and puffing for a breath of air
His body aches, his sweat drips
For a rare friend, his heart weeps.

The scorching heat burns his feet,
As he remembers those memories sweet,
The ***** wind hits his face
He has to finish his unending race.

He runs and runs on a lonely stretch,
Strewn with rocks of varying shapes,
At his rare friend, the runner smiles
He won't ever show how his heart cries.

Ahead he looks to places far away
Soon he will be right on his way
It's a long hard race with no winners
No God in heaven, no hell for sinners.

There is no time to sit or sleep
No time to ponder, for he must leave
In all his spirits, away he goes
Never to look back, his duty he knows.

He is the chosen one, condemned to live
Never to receive, forever to give
He runs alone, the long hard way
In his journey, to meet life 'someday'.
They say, knowledge is vanity, so must I
Admit my sin, for I have taken a bite
Of the serpent apple as Adam did
In the garden in Eve.

For this has behoove me into my present to
Recognise everything I love and cherish
Eventually becomes frail and fragile.

Every road ends with death,
Every friendship ends with death,
Every love ends with death.

Loneliness, despair, betrayal, sickness,
Dignity, they all come to the same conclusion.
So show me a religion that prepares me
For Nothingness and death.

Thy shall follow into it's footsteps
So what I have been taught since I was a
Child I no longer have need for
And do not believe in anymore.
I am no longer believer of more life
After death.

No more dreams. No more lies.
My sibling is not my saviour
My only hope and what I cling to
is Nothingness.

So, my belief is in the the sun limited.
I welcome the sunset limited with
Open arms as the sunset limited is
Waiting for me.
Here on the garden chair
seeing the gloom descend
and the light is gone, hiding the white of the jasmines.

Only a crow, silent on a dry tree
frozen by the voice of cello from a little boy
playing a plainted song
alone in the middle of the meadow

letting the time pass, hoping the tears
would dissolve in the dark.
Here on my chair
I melted, feeling his pain.

Song by song.

I saw him.
I saw me.

— The End —