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Steve Madden Aug 2013
A coin tossed
By father and son.
The father lost,
The son, won

Father approached
His wife so dear,
His eyes brimming
With saddened tears.

And on the bed,
His love did lay.
And from his lips
His soul did say

Oh, darling wife
I'll miss you so
But I'll keep my promise,
And let you go.

She did not speak,
Nor did she cry.
But, did release
A forlorn sigh.

Goodbye, my moon,
My star, my sun.
Then left the room,
And in came son

Oh, darling mother
Pearl of mine.
Let me hug you,
Let us entwine.

Thank you dearest,
For your love divine,
Please forgive me
Oh, mother of mine.

With heavy heart,
And loving grace.
He placed the pillow
Upon her face...
Steve Madden Aug 2013
The tale of us is at an end
and now all that is left
Is a sad, slow denouement
the dance of love bereft.
All the crises have been resolved
the plot, once thick, has thinned.
Our sets dismantled, stage empty,
because we’ve reached the end.
Our love was but a fantasy
of rainbows and moonbeams,
A dream rent by reality;
loves’ seldom what it seems.
The curtain on our play has closed,
now we play other parts;
Picking up the bits and pieces
left of our shattered hearts.
Steve Madden Aug 2013
Welcome friends,
And thanks for coming,
To my farewell party,
The last one of ‘em all.
Don’t be sad,
Please be happy.
For I can assure you,
I had a ball.

Remember, the good times,
The fun and the laughter.
The trying times,
When life was just, but, a game.
Remember the sad times,
The hurt and the sorrow.
And I do apologise,
If I caused you pain.

But now it’s over.
I’ve come full circle.
The sun no longer,
Shines on me.
But, in my heart,
And, in my soul,
Is contentment
So, let it be.

Now, I must go, for
The bells are tolling
It’s now my time,
It’s now my calling.
So, I raise my glass,
And, say three cheers.
Please don’t forget me,
In the coming years.

Do hear the music,
It’s fading now.
My song is over,
I take a final bow.
The curtain closes,
There’s no encore.
The stage is empty,
There’s no more.

Now hear the silence,
As it fills the hall.
My name, is whispered,
T’is me they call.
It’s time to go,
To leave you all.
Just don’t forget,
I had a ball.
Steve Madden Aug 2013
Gentle wind


Of earth


— The End —