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Apr 2014 · 1.2k
I lost my colors
in the dark pool of life
now i'm free and confused
black and white
tempted to jump back in

I lost my mind
in the corrupt society
and now the trophys I have created
they taunt me.

pinned to my walls
as I question,
their existance

I lost my heart
to a dream
that is now lost forever
in what used to be me

I see my fragments
in books I don't touch anymore
In  my words, I don't know
I wake up and ask myself
where did I go?

have I disappeared?
Nov 2013 · 724
At this moment
The twisted beginning and the mysterious never ending
the two hearts collide
Souls will forever be mending.
and the world they drempt of denied
They sliced and stabbed at each others hearts
Until they both broke free
leaving lingering pieces of art
around the doors of magnificent masterpiece
At different times, they would reminisce
then on to the fortress they would go
to find the only one they miss
to never once show.
­But time heals all wounds of the broken.
Left the longed for past, now never to be awakened.
Oct 2013 · 453
You are my best friend.
Though I may not be yours
you may even pretend
the memories cease to endure
­To you I opened my soul,
So that for once I had a companion.
To share the stories that we wished would never be retold.
To venture, put down another fanion
I still need you here, to hold my hand because the rest of the road may be scary
No matter what I may say,
I know the path is weary
I still want to go with you, so can you meet me halfway?
And don't think I don't still love you
My dear **maffew
Feb 2013 · 695
The Forest
The trees of guilt grasp at my shadow
As the world crumbles beneath me.
I run, not knowing where to go,
Running to be set free
From the darkness that follows behind
My memories at my feet.
The leaves of sorrow shrivel up and fly past,
Vanishing into the darkness.
Will the life on this planet last?
What if I stop running?
Stop destroying the planet beneath me.
Will I stop the darkness from coming?
Should I let it consume me?
Jan 2013 · 498
The motto of the broken
Thats the moddo of the broken,
we live for the happieness of others
Because we have giving up on living for our own..
-Leon Firemane
There once was a boy, slightly altered, possessed by greed, and terrified of failure. His mother and father seemed to only care about one thing. After he was born, his parents became possessed by wealth. His eyes were the colors of the sky when darkness would fall, the color only the devil would welcome. The vermillion circle stretched to the outskirts of the violet black horizon. The violet black seemed to hesitantly corrupt the vermillion as they intertwine through the abyss of the newborn darkness within his soul. Where his mother and father saw a demon. And from then on they were taken by his nonexistence, and slowly their love began to fade. This boy had a name, a name his parents soon forgotten, Dracoleon.
Dracoleon's mind always averted to wealth. The only time his parents communicated was when taxes were to come. They spoke solely about coins, gold, and work. Draco was soon consumed by it. He was then always busy, always working, counting money, he had nothing get in his way, He never seemed to see the scared, suspicious, and disgusted faces that walked by him, the dream of wealth consumed his entire universe.
It was one day, the king was said to be roaming about town. His parents would talk about the king often, father would say that he wished to be as rich as the king, or be the king himself.  But he would shake his head and continue. The boy wandered about the town indifferently as he searched for his father’s idol. It was once he turned a corner, he saw him. He ran toward the crowd and progressively landed in front. The king road in a chariot, the glistening white horses carried ropes dragging the golden chariot behind, As the silver knights followed. Across the street he saw his parents seek in awe of the glorious presence the king beheld. Then saw them grasp hands as if they were grasping a chance of hope as the king road by. In Dracoleon's eyes the king seemed narcissistic, he looked to be bathing in the jealously, the awe, and crushed hopes around him.
Then, suddenly, the king stopped in front of him. Then strode out of the chariot and stood, twenty feet away, then pointed directly at him; “Come my child!” he said. Impulsively,  he walked then stopped in confusion. “Come; kneel before me!” he yelled. Quickly he snapped and continued towards the king. He knelt three feet away. The king knelt down and looked into his violet eyes and whispered in his ear: “You’re different from the rest.” Suddenly he gasped, quickly stood and started humming a melody as if he was hypnotized; Dracoleon saw a slight gleam in his eye. A few moments later, he stopped and stood awkward and confused, then said “you’re going to be excellent.” At that he spun around, entered the chariot and continued on his way.
The boy stood dazed by the king’s presence. The villagers were glaring at him for minutes till he finally came out of  his hypnopompic trance. It was then he saw a man, just about thirty, wearing a cloak, carrying an odd looking box. No one seemed to notice him. As the people continued on their lives, he decided to wander to the mysterious man that caught his interest. It didn’t take long for the old man to notice the boy stalking him. He confronted the boy. “Hello” He said. “I must ask, why are you following me?” The boy froze in his steps, “w-what’s in the box?” he whispered. The man chuckled, “would you like to find out?” The boy managed to nod…. The man took the boy, not by force, not by manipulation, but by the man simply walking away, as the boy follows.

The wizard and the boy traveled in his single horse wagon in Europe for many years. The wizard showed him a whole new world, and left Draco's behind. The wizard filled his mind with adventure, and fed him excitement the boy had a purpose, but the wizard had rules, ones that cannot be broken. The wizard taught him his ways. And slowly, the boy became a wizard.

Six years later, the wizard was fading, he told him a story, a story about the great wizards long ago, The world was approaching something non existent, the wizards couldn’t escape, he was the only one who wasn’t taken by the darkness, and he watched as the rest of the great wizards, imploded and were trapped by the void. Silence, infinity, timelessness, nothing, it was hell. The great wizard gave him a puppet, it looked like the wizard. “Its the story of our past, a past not to be forgotten” He had whispered and he slowly faded away, joining the great wizards in the void.

It was then Dracoleon became the last wizard in the world. All of the wizards power, all the rules, and all the memories, his, And his alone. Dracoleon only had one thing to do, the only thing that will carry the wizards memories, becoming a puppet master.

The wizards shows became well known, He would come into town and there would be a few people going in and out of the wagon, watching the puppet shows. It was then a strange man came into the wagon, tall, pale, a dark presence around him. He asked to stay after the show.  He walked Beside and ran his thin pale fingers along the small stage the puppets played on. “You're different from the rest.” He said in a death toned voice. Draco froze, and suddenly his past flashed before his eyes, his parents, the money, the king. The king said he was different too. “ You're going to be excellent.” He whispered. “what if I told you, I could make you excellent, forever? Nothing absolutely nothing would get in the way.” Draco was mesmerized by the corruption of his past seeking out through his mind, and setting around him. The money, the greed, he forgot how great it was, to be in power, now that he's a wizard, the only wizard, he can do anything, change the rules, take over the world. Then suddenly, he was frightened, He wouldn’t have time, Time to do all theses things, Suddenly the man's words caught up in his mind, “What if I told you, I could make you excellent forever?” Draco then looked up at the odd man, he was smiling. “what do you say?” Draco manged a nod.

Draco was near death. The man turned out to be a vampire, he altered him. But it was all a blur, “ A three day slumber, and a new universe comes at your feet with a path set to follow” The vampire had said. Then he disappeared, and the pain began.  Draco felt his soul leap out of his chest, the intense burning sensation followed throughout his body, And then, nothing. He felt his soul go on a  journey to comeback with a plan, A plan that would make the universe his, forever. Draco opened his eyes....

The puppet maker became very popular, But to Vincent, he was a question, a mystery, Draco The wizard caught his interest when he saw the villagers walk out, excited, happy, and longing for more.  But that’s not what intrigued him, The villagers stepped out of the wagon, with a look of confusion, but only for a slight second, then there eyes, they fogged over and then reverted to normalcy. As they walked, most hummed a melody, A repeating melody that seemed to be engraved in their throats.
Vincent was a magician. One of the greatest, He owned a magic shop in the middle of the town he was curious on what the puppet maker was to do when he brought villagers into the wagon. When the last of the villagers walked out, Vincent quickly got in line.

Dracoleon brought five villagers into the wagon each time, In Vincent's group there was a little girl, her father, a woman, and an old man.  into the wagon they went and  they sat down and he began the show.  Vincent and the others watched the puppet maker bring his puppets into play. They were familiar puppets, ones you would see of people walking in the streets. His voice matched that of the puppet, the personality’s seemed to fit perfectly. It was nothing like they'd ever seen before. Then suddenly the candles went out, and it was dark in the wagon. “ Time to play” Draco whispered. Suddenly, They felt something behind them, Then, the candles flickered on, the puppets were restraining them,  Smiles on their wooden faces. Slowly, Dracoleon pulled out a watch, a small watch, he whispered something into it, and it glowed blue. He walked over to where the little girl was restrained, he took her wrist and with a small blade, he slit it, she tried to scream, you could see the horror in her blue eyes, his lips pressed against her wrist and he began to drink, you could see her rosy cheeks go pale, He left her gasping for life. “the youngest always taste the best.” He laughed. “ The taste of blood so pure.” He whispered. “But shes not a ******.” He looked at the father. “you see, its sick men like you that deserve to die.” The father looked at him in terror. Dracoleon whispered in his ear but he was still to be heard. “but I've something better than that.” A tear ran down the father's face. “Humans are so faulty. So filled with sin, sickness, you should be thanking me. But you may never understand” He looked at Vincent. “And you, you think you can defeat me.” He chuckled. The puppets grip grew tighter. Blood started dripping down each one of their faces, the puppets were slowly attaching themselves to the humans their strings tightening around their neck and the mouths grasping their skulls. The puppet maker continued laughing “ Let the games begin!”  He opened the watch, the humans fell limp and the puppets disappeared into their bodies. The puppet maker began to hum the melody.
Jan 2013 · 896
The Unknown
This story has been deleted.
Jan 2013 · 922
Purely corrupt
corruption is the sin
charm is the curse
the fact that you don't know.
makes the matters worse.
Jan 2013 · 229
This thing called, love
come my love
hold my hand
let me show you,
off to my world
Dec 2012 · 767
Where will you go?
You Cast me away in a sailboat With no means of coming back
with your soul in my locket and headed for change.
You cast me away, left yourself on our island.
Where will you go?
Your heart torn in parts...
scattered across loves plains.
But will the one missing piece bear my name?
Nov 2012 · 367
No Matter What I Still Love you
No Matter I Will Always See
You, So Young And So Beautiful

So filled with life a young soul
A great mother
I Know you try
As you grow older

No Matter What I Still Love you
No Matter I Will Always See
You, So Young And So Beautiful

I want you to see,
yourself through my eyes
you deserve so much more
and I know one day
you will have the world,
but everyone's trying these days
But your going to be okay
and the world will see...

No Matter What I Still Love you
No Matter I Will Always See
You, So Young And So Beautiful
Sep 2012 · 842
When I come to think of you and me
I would wish to know whats on your mind
if you feel the same?
Are your thoughts just as corrupted as mine?

I wish you dead for all the wrong reasons
I wish you gone forever
I wish you never existed
just so I would'nt feel the pain of loosing you

sometimes I awake from the world where you cease to exist
then regret
all the moments I have missed
as of you were already gone
I sit in worry and wonder
hoping that this time, I'm wrong.
Aug 2012 · 376
just a smile
Then he smiled....
Something I haven't seen in a while.
and at that moment.
my heart melted,
into the palms of his hands...
Aug 2012 · 430
Souls Melody
Grasp hold of my hand,
Let me take you away,
to a whole new world.
one I may let you stay.

In my cities of mistakes
Through forests of love
you'll see it all

But my soul sings  
and my heart beats a rhythm
a song you may never know

the bass from my heart will flow into your own
my words will linger in your thoughts

But can you hear the melody?

— The End —