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 Feb 2014 Shane Hunt
Aimee Toney
My mind is a beast.
Snarling and bearing its teeth.
A humming bird adrift through atmosphere,
flower to flower and back again.
A bee ready to sting to protect the hive,
yet brought down with the smallest drop of water.
My ears light up at the sound of earth,
and rejoice.
Yet cry at any tone resembling your voice.
My mouth is a beautifully sculpted castle.
My full lips conceal the cowardly queen behind tea stained teeth.
My mouth is a coward.
My fingers are my army wielding sharp ink filled swords.
Directing letters into spiral bound battle fields
stained with shed tears.
Each word lain out like blood spattered soldiers where the enemy can find them if the notion ever strikes hot.
 Oct 2012 Shane Hunt
Forgive you?
I wish I could
Wash my mind clean of this
Like you washed away
the evidence

I can't get it out of my head
Her hands all over your skin
I wonder did she smell me?
Did she feel my impression?
I never questioned you,
I questioned myself

Forget about it?
I wish I never knew
Common sense tells me
to write this down

We tied the knot,
The noose around my neck
And when I fell for you
I fell to my death
I'd like to think that I
would not do it all again

Forgive myself?
Well, I wish I could
Shake this feeling
Like I did something wrong

I know I'm in love with
a charactor you made up
I know she's a villain,
I know I'm to play the victim
This is not a love story
This is an account of history

Forget this?*
I wish I didn't have to
Know that true love exists
And I let it slip
Through my hands
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