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See my heart?
It battered and bruised
Cut open from the past
bleeding on the floor
i cant even tell its my heart any more
but its for you.

It may have its scares
and duck-tape where i tried to stop it from bleeding
It has bullet holes
cause cupid gave up on arrows
But its for you.

It has open Wounds  
that other guys left
some how you make them close
with every little step
every small word you say.

It will never be perfect
its always gonna have scares and stitches
it always gonna have the walls
that your braking down one by one

See my heart?
Its used and useless,
for no one to see
but some how i still give it to you...
For uh.. my boyfriend....*Blushing*
Breath in the fresh air in darkness of the night
this is my prison cell for the time
i wont fight for my sanity this time
I'll let my mind roam free in this prison cell of mine.

I hid the razors where no one else could find
with sainted blood on them
it's all mine
no one ever asks
if they did id never tell.

The blood drips down my arm
on to the clean polished floor,
my drawings will be flawless to night.

I dip my hand in the blood,
and draw lazily on the wall
the stuff i never say written in blood
on my prison wall.

I lay down my head on the cool floor
my wrist dripping blood more then before
I fight for a breath
though i cant fight at all
that's what they all whisper in the halls.

On my bedroom wall
i wrote it all
my story stained in blood
for me tomorrow will never come.
Maybe he wasn't there
maybe I'v gone insane
All i know is the voices in my brain.
He needs another soul he needs another kid.

I slowly try to refuse
he comes back to me
I am a slave for him, he'll **** me if i don't
he'll hurt me instead.
I never wanted that.

His life is what he makes it,
he devours the children souls
He takes away there happiness
so all they are is cold

Lifeless body's in his hands
in a pile there are more,
he'll never know love
he will never try
i'm nothing but a slave to him till the day i die.

So ill bring another child
into his dark cold woods,
he takes them
and makes them like the rest
he is and always will be the Slenderman.
hope you like it ^///.///^  i had fun writing it!

— The End —