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"Apenas um rapaz latino-americano..."


Ambita Krkic Jan 2011

by Cezar Ruis Aquino in collaboration with Sooey Valencia

For the longest time I have always thought that the most beautiful thing in the world is a blank page.
Perhaps next to a page where some words, innocent as birds, have found their way to.
joanna dibble Apr 2012
dead summer
sun shines between my bones
long crooked shadows
how long have I sat here?
oaks shade gave way to yellow

oblique rays illuminate
these dessicated sockets
gilded parched pastures
all dew has been up and took
long before I first awoke

autumn crows' appetite
my earthly flesh plucked away
I hear my heartbeat
thump thump as the rabbit runs
knowing winters frosty breath

the rabbit-catcher's campfire
cannot warm shivering bones
under their dry leafy quilt
all desire is quelled . . .
content with malodorous meat

from this hollow frame
my ice-glazed scaffold
coyote steals a femur
it was mine to freely give
suffering it was his to take

my gnawed bleached bones
scattered ,full transformation
predator to prey
play to the nature of things
sea transience by precipitant moon

A collaborative renga written with tsac
DJ Thomas May 2010
Celestial scholars
deliver influencing scripts
days brisk with drumbeats
evenings spilled from riverbanks -
drifts of violet, ripe moons.

A life for living
make creativity your song
let all sorrow go
our tomorrows fade too fast
every moment so precious

Your choices to own
claim to have truly lived
be free like a bird
soar to the highest mountain
feel the breeze beneath your wings

All will surely die
your body is not a chore
the energy life
is eternal, infinite
and clothed in velvet breathing

Life's ageing busy pace
relax -  observe and still time
neither thoughts nor none
hum a song about the stars
or astronomy lessons

Dwell in loving peace
share spiritual sustenance
imperfect mirage—
unbend, barefoot in its shade
languid afternoons, blessings.

Hearing poetry's grace
Echoes that laugh-lust-cry-love
relentlessly true.
Souls rapture joined - bestowed
kiss softly devastating.

A world awakes
in spaces of wonderment.
Slows worries until -
our eyes open: Surprise Splendors
Treating earth like a lover

Refining senses -
resilient beauty touched.

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copyright© 2010 --- a renga written in collaboration with Marsha Singh, Aiden L K Riverstone, eileen ann bridget mcgreevy,  Del Maximo,  Jacqueline Ivascu,  Christopher Terry  Everson & ???