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Connecticut USA    I'll post what ever I feel for that day, happy, sad, angry, etc.


Inside that closed door
where I've lost
In the herds of thicky darkness,
I feel suicidal and awful
awful beyond all.

The walls asunder
from the commotions and laughter
are weak enough
to avoid those,
or may the strongest enough
to cage my emptiness.

Through the chinks
of that thatched home,
the beams of moon
makes me burn.
But my eyes!
My eyes can't see
Neither a star nor the sun.

In the dead silence
of that pitched black room
I'm frozen,
In the aghast of darkness
Pulses runs fast,
Oh the Creator!
the supreme of rullers,
dazzle of lights
demanded I never,
The all I need
just a glitter of Yours.

#life #dark  #poetry #mythoughts