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Idris Muntaqim Jun 2020
The martial arts Muslim is hiking and sees something that really stinks;
An innocent white man is being tortured by some crooked cops who are finks.

The Muslim quickly walks towards the crooked cops and tells them to stop, which is true;
Crooked cops have been around for years, so they're not new.

When the crooked cops see the martial arts Muslim, two of them are about to shoot him, as you can see;
The martial arts Muslim throws wooden darts at their hands immediately.

He also knocks out those same cops with his kicks;
The martial arts Muslim is always quick.

When the third crooked cop is about to taze the Muslim, he throws a third wooden dart at the cop's forehead;
The innocent white man is no longer in dread.

The martial arts Muslim is stopping the crooked cops with his weapons and jeet kune do techniques;
Crooked cops are also ******* and freaks.

The Muslim also kicks the third crooked cop in his face;
Crooked cops are a disgrace to the human race.

The martial arts Muslim kicks and knocks out the fourth and fifth cops, which is great;
Crooked cops are filled with hate.

When the crooked cops are beaten, the Muslim comforts the innocent white man;
He thanks the martial arts Muslim for saving his life, which is grand.

The martial arts Muslim calls the media and 9-1-1;
To the Muslim, beating up the crooked cops was a lot of fun.

When the ambulance arrives to take the white man to the hospital, the martial arts Muslim goes away;
Here's something else that I'll say.

When news reports of the crooked cops are delivered, those same cops lose their jobs and get arrested, which is swell;
The martial arts Muslim is still a hero and that's all that I'll tell.
The cops
Never view me
Like I view me
The cops
Treat me like a criminal
Not knowing that I am a good family person
The cops
I know they deal with all sorts of people
But why do they treat me like a criminal
The cops
I try and view life through their eyes
But they view me as a baddie
The cops
Try and figure out why I turned my feet
To try and avoid them
Why can’t they arrest real crooks
The cops
I know I have to be careful
If I want a job in live streaming
Because they could arrest me
The cops
I view life like them
But they view me like a poor mentally ill
The cops
I know I made mistakes
But I still want to be good
The cops
I try to watch highway patrol
To do the right thing
So I don’t get fines
The cops
They might not know it
But I respect the cops
Because they are just doing their job
But I ain’t a criminal
I try and not swear at the cops
Cause really the only people who do that
Are alcoholics druggies and the guilty
The cops
Just help the cops arrest the bad people