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Scott Veinland Sep 2013
I am 16

I hate relationships

I haven't had one in two years
I've been happy since
Girls are great

Anything I'd like
It's wonderful

Then comes Stephanie

She isn't nearly as hot as some of the girls I've hooked up with
Why must I like her

Why am I pulled to her

Why do I get shy around her
That has never been a problem
It's been three years since I've been shy

Then comes Stephanie

What do I do
I can't think
Can't study
Can't focus
On anything

Help me.

Save me from her

*"Happiness is the most insidious prison.."
Scott Veinland Sep 2013
I'm in the best shape of my life
I smoke
I could out run you
I smoke
I could out think you
I smoke
What's the problem? Why mustn't I do it?
I'm told many times no
Yet I smoke

It grasps me from the moment it's lit
Pulls me into a new reality
The way I'd describe it is: Life, but better

I take my first step

Trippin' *****

I don't even think I'm able
To shimmy past the table
Without trippin' on cables
Me n Niles dyin'
Hunter's trippin *****
Hendrik lickin walls

Life, *but better

— The End —