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Samantha Jones Sep 2012
Rooftops ablaze
From characters past
Tonight we dance
Create a void of necessary visions
Fields drenched with masterful blood
Creatures searching all night for sustenance
I cry out for your unborn solitude
You tickle the skin below my *******
Flickering haze

Samantha Jones Sep 2012
Well the moon is my shelter
My seeker
My dreamer

Deepest, darkest
Unlike the bright glistening sun
Unlike the shining glass
Unlike the penetrating light

This is the moon glow
Moon glimpse fairy tale
Dark underwater

Quiet Masquerade
Familiar emanation
Once forgotten calling
But this is where I came from
Samantha Jones Sep 2012
deep soft warmth encased in meek palms
fingers smooth
and formulated truths
each groove parts seas of future loves

following the mold laid out before me
thoughts and mind flow
out of perky fingertips
through the barrier of time
a pen is gripped as my head tilts slightly

a journey takes place
to watch you hold my own

and now, as time allows
your grip becomes tighter
the swell of a ravaged soul
protruding, a once favorable innocence
now drowning

i feel your heartbeat

— The End —