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Mar 2019 · 971
In a flash it was gone.
Róisín Mulliez Mar 2019
A tender voice.
Dulcet tones reach tingling ears.
I soak in the details no one else hears.

Teasing blue eyes
A secret song

Unpinning my heart,
- In a flash it was gone.
Jun 2018 · 379
Sunlight Ponderings
Róisín Mulliez Jun 2018
Buttery sunlight melts onto the quilt
and glares harshly on our skin.
You’ve fallen into a trance.
Dainty hands with sparkling ring, clutching the quilt
as you dose off under the sweltering heat.
The scintillae of light dazzle me.

Burning cheek and squinting eyes.
Illuminated arm hairs and dust particles.
Long finger shadows.
Sizzling pan in the kitchen, clang of cups, a cough and mutter.

How does sunlight feel?
The stuff of fond memories.

Is it all behind us now?

Róisín Mulliez
Jun 2018 · 489
Moon Fever
Róisín Mulliez Jun 2018
Looming over me, The Full Moon.
Stark beams pass brilliantly through my window.
Alien light entering my room,
As I lie neatly between quilt and pillow.

My placid body, straight as a corpse,
Beneath glaring light sheet, peeling back my cocoon.
Lunar distillate seeps into my pores,
Infusing fleshy tissues, unveiling hidden wounds.

Insanity that lurks within the fractures of my heart
Is illuminated now; a spiderweb a-glow.
The times I fell, and fell apart,
All, by this moonlight begin to show.

’Til beyond-lovesick lunacy burns.
It flushes me with scalding fever.
Frozen heat, thawing ice - my stomach churns.
Sensations clash in ripples of shiver.

A playground swarms with The Maddened.
Feelings I wish I never knew.
The only sign is my balmy forehead
Glistening subtly, as cool morning dew.

— The End —