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Rlavr Oct 2013
Clouds of smoke
Swirl around my head
Like the thoughts inside:
A foggy sludge
Making mocking faces
Mimicking my ghosts

'You are a lush'
'You are a rogue'
'You are a pain in the ***'

Ashes falling to the floor
Pulling me along
Cherry red fire sizzling
Burning away my resolve

I get up
And I fall farther

Face it, said the smoke
You're no phoenix

My eyes close

I agree.
Writ[h]ing in pain
Rlavr Sep 2013
We share a relationship that exists only when the rest of the world is dreaming. It makes me wonder: is our relationship but a by-product of the overactive hormones and chemicals and imagination of the soundly sleeping world?
When we have had too much coffee
Rlavr Sep 2013
I am sorry if
My weary eyes threaten
Your idea of security and
Peace of mind
Those things are exactly
Exactly what they lack
They drift around book stores and
Train stations and
Grassy meadows and
Sooty avenues
Looking for what
Is unturbulent and
Because these days my
Eyes need hands
To wipe them and
To close them and
To give them rest
They are so, so tired.
Rlavr Sep 2013
I shake and stumble
Knock down cans of pens
Spilling all over my desk
Grab a purple pen
To fumblingly make a note
A better one
That you can tuck again to your corkboard
One day.
You removed my note. How sad.
Rlavr Aug 2013
I feel like listening to jazz today
Because it is raining and I remember your story
About how it was raining so hard
That you had to stop to tie your shoelaces
And wipe your tears
This jazz album is yours
I got it when I asked
If you were dating anyone
You said you thought so
And I felt that I was Chicken Little
Because the sky came crashing down on me
I don't feel like that anymore
These days I just want to leave this house
And pretend that I'm some wayward Ferdinand
Like that song you loved so much
Because I get so tired
I hear jazz and I remember you
I watch films and I remember you
I see Helvetica and I remember you
I don't want to remember you anymore
Begging makes it bad on all sides
That's what they say
But please, just please
Stay out of my head and my dreams

I'm trying to make this easy for both of us.
I don't want this anymore. I swear.
Rlavr Aug 2013
The poetry doesn't come easy lately
From the time you asked me why
In such a frustrated manner that I recoiled
It used to be so easy, you know
With the distance between us
Bridged by your crazy laugh
And my smug smile
Perhaps because poetry is not the words
But the emotions that mandate enjambments
And fill the spaces between the verses
The space is now too big
The lines too abruptly cut
That it ceases to become poetry
And it becomes emptiness.
It's my fault, is it not?
Rlavr Jul 2013
I constantly feel cold nowadays
Because the passion that kept me sweaty
Is all gone
Or maybe because the rain won't stop
And it washes away my resolve
But your eyes are awash with the warmth
Of laughter and interest
I thought you dropped me
Like what you do with all your gym classes
Apparently you picked me up again
And to tell you the truth
You're the only thing that keeps me going
In this winter of inspiration
When I feel like all the elements are conspiring against me
And the cold is tearing through my sweater
Through my shirt
So you take my hand when you see me shiver
And you pull me into your embrace
What comforting warmth lies inside your arms
I wish I could stay in them forever
I am reluctant to leave and face the outside world
So you just smile at me and kiss me in the forehead and tell me
'There, so you could keep warm'
I'd feel okay then and prop my collar
It's freezing but I'm ready now.
Oh btw, thanks
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