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RIKKI May 2013
The train tracks have slipped under the loose sand.
Up in the tree, I watch people I'll never meet go by.
RIKKI May 2013
memories get distorted based on who you are now
turning life into language
the dark secret(s)
RIKKI Mar 2013
in the sky, a thousand moons
RIKKI Mar 2013
you're like a lunar eclipse
giving off this feeling of

polarizing -

                                                       are we alive?
RIKKI Mar 2013
i realized why i like to wear so many clothes


because if i wear enough it feels like someone is hugging me
RIKKI Mar 2013
when the tiger dies, it leaves its skin
when you die, you leave nothing
RIKKI Mar 2013
what did you wish for?
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