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Powers Oct 2013
People always ask me why I never attend school
I want to tell them "I'm too emotionally vacant to care"
"I know I'm not destined for great things" I'd announce
"I'll be dead before I'm 20,
I have no kids to look forward to
and no desire to marry"
So why should I spend 13 years of my life cooped up
Learning the value of x
when I cant even find value in waking up in the morning.
Powers Oct 2013
I fall in love when I am lonely
4. I won't be able to look in the mirror and be happy
5. I can not fall in love after ***.
6. My need for affection is insatiable.
7. I somehow convinced myself I will be the Anastasia to one of these Mr.Greys
8. I feel that two is the loneliest number
9. As long as you touch me I will love you
10. I wont be able to look in the mirror and be happy
11. I know I said that twice
1. I do not know how to love people properly.
2. This includes myself.
Powers Oct 2013
I love you to pieces
And that's where I've found myself
In pieces
Let's make peace of this
I wish you had become the serendipity I was hoping for but that's the thing
You can't look for serendipity
It's in the definition
But you defined me
You'll find me under the willow tree where we met
Wallowing in the self hatred and alcohol

But I know you won't come looking for me
You'll be reminding me that you always closed your eyes because you couldn't stand staring back at me
I wasn't the pretty you were hoping for
Just a place to park your manhood for a few nights

During the warfare of words
No matter what slander you bombard me with
All I'll ever have to say  about you
Is that "I loved him"
Powers Sep 2013
Noah wrote Allie one letter everyday for a year.
And you cant take the time to text me and tell me whether or not I need to keep trying
Why the **** is it so hard to let me down easily.
Powers Sep 2013
I traded you for popularity
And all I've got is a pocket full of mumbles
Whisper me into your heart beat
I've got no where else to be
These shoes won't shine much longer
Please click your heels
Bring me home Dorothy

I am Japan in these tidal waves of missing you
These scars
Constant reminders that drunken nights have drown me in the memory of your 5 o clock shadow
You have enough heart for the tin man,too
Click your heels
Bring us home Dorothy

Straighten your straw spine
Fill a mason jar with secrets
Click your ******* heels
Come home Dorothy
Following this yellow brick road without a map isn't easy

There's no place like home
Powers Sep 2013
You said your words always came in threads
Stitch me up
patch up my insercutries with your sewing machine lips
let me use them to sew the memory of you into the fabric of my mind
I want to embroider our broken pieces and make a quilt out of us
Powers Sep 2013
I am the awkward treble cleft resting against your crescendo heartbeat
All the while  thinking "I don't think Mozart could have ever written anything as beautiful as your breath"
And I bet when God made you, part of the angles choir found itself nestled in your vocal chords
Like a down blanket you wrap me in the silk strands of your forearms
And all I want to know is how you got these scars
My guess is you fell to hard for a girl who was never your favorite song
And you had to nitpick the sour notes of her broken promises from your skin
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