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Em Sep 2021
Quiet days with the fan turned low
Soft wind across knuckles
In solemn contemplation

The dog sits, begging for scratches
And there’s only me,
the air
and all the rumbling thunder
of thoughts and headspace
In between
Something itches behind my eyes
Maybe I’ll scratch it if I dream
Em Sep 2021
The concrete sidewalks
And metal rails
Are dry and wrung of rain

But the soil remembers the storm
And the trees don’t forget its taste
Em Aug 2021
oh tales of rivers
and thunder cries
with rainstorm tears
and starry eyes

sing me a song
whistled ‘tween trees
howl me a moon
with Night’s black winds

the people light fires
in prayer to the sun
and the ravens tell lies
to the broken they’re sung

but all stories end
with a lesson or two
and this echo will carry
black winds, black wounds
Em Jul 2021
the same song plays over and over
on the radio box
makes me wanna scream and
claw at the speakers
make the world go silent again
make my head stop floating again
make me feel like myself again
Em Jul 2021
i dream of moths and ants
in decaying living rooms
sleep in my eyes
hornets in my mouth

criminals chasing me
down fractured streets
my ghost siting idle
on a broken ferris wheel

sometimes all the days blend together
and you can’t tell yesterday
apart from tomorrow

and when you fall
from the surface of the sea
where sky meets the atmosphere
and the fish swim in trees

you’ll find that not much
matters at all
  Jun 2021 Em
Rollie Rathburn
a kitchen light still glows
on an immense orange cat
waiting to scour both dog bowls
for leftovers
that have yet to appear
after even a single meal.
Twilight throwing
lavender shadows
across the cramped
polaroid drenched kitchen
where you slow danced
to something acoustic
before saying your first goodbye
on a bare concrete balcony
studded with cigarette ash
and stars.
Em Jun 2021
Flip a coin at me
Make me your wishing well
Your secrets in my ear
All them mine to tell

You can run
But you can’t hide
Count the candles you’ve blown out
Count the bullets till you’ve died

Oh dear

You’ve fed yourself to the monster
You’ve led yourself astray
No point running faster, faster
You’ve only yourself to blame
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