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paperclip Dec 2016
spin softly my sage sprig
among airy ammo thistles arise a fig
righteous riddles rack to rake
as apple ash finds anguish in afternoons awake
hush here and haste the hallowed halt
keep kind karaoke kisses in kindred kalt
indigo irised image inundate within innate
my muse my miser my makeshift mausoleum mate
paperclip Dec 2016
i say you
take mine for what it is
left aluminum peg
and a bruisey egg of a leg

i say i
love your gummy lips on mine
we chew chew right in synced line
speckled sour and red 40
clunky eggshell whites corrody

i say you
take yours for what it can do
sardine tinned preserved true
meal for three and a seal for me

i say we
root our tongues in the steel pails
cold shallow floor is a wall to wail
by lick and tick of our cursed ***** tether

i say soon soon
soon tethered together
paperclip Dec 2016
you ****** me up through a bendy straw
while i sipped on you through a coffee stirrer
granulates of sugar i was
granulates of salt you were
granulates of sugar you was
granulates of salt i were
stirred into a tub mug
bathed within–a girl
pruned and shriveled by creamed cold whips
lashed from a devil’s tail
pale and stale her fingers became
fingers curled and coiled around a bendy straw
face clenched at hinges  
dental spikes meet at coffee stirrer, chewed soft
one sip sufficient

— The End —