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noi May 2022
To take flight in the dark where your fleeting thoughts are abducent
like the nictating membrane of an eye have you swept away the duress of your heart
the cool air of the night guiding your paired wings
as you climb on unsung notes
will you find me in the moon and the stars
your drawn breath anticipating the springs frost
noi May 2022
Where the river flows to fitful estuaries
The morningtide never comes in your absence.
Have your dreams grown as smooth as the cordgrass visible from the empty shoreline.
The water columns irreplaceable as your soul carved away by frigid glaciers
banding the silt and clay as turquoise as the day you stood still.
noi Apr 2022
Where you walk below the wrack line
the bereft sand has sunken underneath the weight of your impression.  
Tossed violently ashore the rough waves have brought me to you.
will you hold me completely dear?
I’ve been waiting for your warm hands in the dark amidst the raging storms.
noi Mar 2022
Governed by nature time portends a chance to love you.  
Amongst the brown pine needles of towering sequoia trees I have gone unnoticed
may you hold onto me as the years come to pass.
In hope may your footsteps be as quiet so our heartbeats will not pass a second further than mine.
If the world is not enough where will I be without your breath to guide me.
noi Mar 2022
Fair angel thyne blessed wings
tis heaven has spoken your name
I have humbly touched your face in repentance
do not speak of tomorrow where young fledglings take flight to clouded forests
turquoise gorgets basking in the opulence of Espeletias
do not speak of Fraser Magnolias and their scarlet cones
inveigling stalwart lovers in ephemeral courtship
do not take the summer abloom in your light.
noi Mar 2022
Cedar tree branches windbreak the fierce squall.
Her shoulders shakes hoarfrost in inviolate delight.
The porous trilling of Pacific Wren notes tumble.
I miss the warmth of her laughter filling my soul
following the sound of meltwater gurgling over stones in a brook running through open fields.
noi Feb 2022
Between cots fishermen cast snap nets drawn by the early morning tide.
Wooden cable needles knit and purl merino wool in a honeycomb stitch.
My breath warm and soft against your skin unafraid of the bitter winds.
Waves lap at the precipitous cliffs of Moher
overlooking the rocky coast
I’m wrapped up in you.
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