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When I’m asked,
“What are your expectations?”
I tend to evade the question,
Because, realistically, I know
No one could ever meet mine.

I admit,
I’m inclined towards lofty ideals
And raw romanticism,
So it’s not anyone’s fault
but my own...

What I want,
Is you,
And your love
And devotion
In the purest form

My souls counterpart
That I see beyond the physical,
But appreciate for their beauty
And pine for nonetheless

I want to share sunsets
And when I gaze into your eyes
I’m struck with the same feelings
Of breathless awe and admiration

I want to have the ability
To catapult you right over the precipice
With the mere touch of my lips
Pressed against yours

I want to explore and travel
The crevices your mind
In every country, city and state
In every way, shape and form

I want you to know that relationships
Are not always meant to last forever,
But that our love will remain
Through this life time and the next

I want to touch your soul in a way
That will forever change it;
Catapult you to your highest potential
In heart, mind and body

But, most of all,
I want
Yes, I know it’s not a poem. These are my thoughts

make my heart sing

its new favorite

Nicole Alyssia Jan 2019
immersing myself
in the absence of actuality

to save itself, my mind
must be made numb

by simply running from
one dream to another

lured into temporary bliss
with each sip, relationship, drug, job

gravitating towards
triviality and banality

for most of my life,
i’ve done nothing but run

from myself
Nicole Alyssia Jan 2019
funny how
is a word
that fills
some people
Nicole Alyssia Jan 2019
‪accept my apology‬
‪in advance:

‪i’m impossible,‬
‪in every possible way,‬
‪and i don’t know‬
‪how to hold on to people,‬
‪because i’ve never,‬
‪been held on to‬
‪myself ‬
Nicole Alyssia Jan 2019
i am so grateful i was tricked, you see,
without honesty,
as i reflect on your undeniable misogyny

i could only give you so much,
and only that much,
is what you could take away from me

so, i can only thank you!
for your disdain and haughty contempt,
confirmed the delusion i once called love
Nicole Alyssia Jan 2019
‪accept my apology‬
‪in advance

‪i’m impossible,‬
‪in every possible way,‬
‪and i don’t know‬
‪how to hold on to people,‬
‪because i’ve never,‬
‪been held on to‬
‪myself ‬
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