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MyIner Agony May 2017
I can't believe I cared I almost went back to him haha
You go on your facebook and claim that you've wasted 11 months of your life on me lol bruh
I am in foster care mostly because of you My mom put me here in foster care because I betrayed her for you! what do you mean you wasted 11 months on me
I almost Gave up my Closest friends for you!
You know what I'm not even mad I'm happy had friends texting me asking me to talk to you lol nah I'm good
I bet you one thing You gonna miss me because I don't step back I Keep Ahead and when I die Don't come to my grave crying you might as well spit on my grave do it that will satisfy my choice
.....I forgive but I will never forget
kisses honey bunch I hope you go to hell
MyIner Agony May 2017
It was May 5th 2017 I lost and left a man I thought I knew and loved he was a man that told me what I could and couldn't do I couldn't wear lip gloss couldn't wear shorts if I didn't pick a shirt covered me he would become paranoid even the my bra size was up to the H's so that task was hard to accomplish I couldn't wear dresses that showed my shape he felt uncomfortable about me being friends with some of his ex's he even told me not to say hi to my sister at heart because she was an ex that didn't like him I couldn't dance whenever​ I wanted to because he wanted to talk to me 24/7 he called me selfish if I wanted to go have fun with my friends instead of talking to was so much......this list goes on and on......he was controlling be me as if I were a slave I gave up so much of me for goals for my life.....I realized even if I am the ugliest girl at civilization wasn't worth losing......I feel free but trapped because I had to let him go......I tried to teach him not to control me......but he didn't see how he was friends and family told me if his mother didn't teach him.....then what makes you think you can.....I realized that I was always better doing my own thing...I use to laugh at my mother for loving and crying over men so much.....but now I respect how strong she was.....but in the back of my she had a few screws missing too just like him......but I do one's if being tied down is something that doesn't work for you there's sadly only two choices for a ***.....or be alone....I haven't picked....but they're both balanced..... one's dangerous..... one's safe.....I got time unless God decides to do what I've wanted all along.....I wanna leave this harsh world to be with my brother.... that's if I were meant to make it.....I won't know till my time so I'll just wait on God like I been trying to do.....I hope he learns because there are some woman who would do dangerous things to get the respect they feel they deserve.....I hope he's careful
MyIner Agony May 2017
death so silent
like the breeze
death so painful like thunderstorms
death so scary
like life
If you think about it
death is more living
than life
death is just a more
peaceful life
MyIner Agony May 2017
Sadness is the friend that cuddles my soul
fear is my lost sister that keeps me shadowed in darkness
shy is my thought source it keeps me quiet and in my place
tears is the the air I breathe
pain keeps me warm in a solid winter night
Music is my life reason without music I'll die
these are the friends the keep me safe in my shell
they keep me safe from temporary love
from family that never stays
from hugs that were never given
from the world around me
their my quiet friends
my silent friends
my demon friends
they welcome me to a home I can never get kicked out of
my home of sorrow
MyIner Agony May 2017
You Use to tell me to be quiet
so I taped my self up
now that you can't hear you want me to talk
You tell me if I remove my taped for my friends i can do it for you
but your not my friend your my surrounding
I don't have to talk to you
because your not helping me through life as it gets harder
so yes I remove the tape for those I love
But they deserve it for sticking with me through it all
so no I will not remove it for you
'til you understand why I taped myself up in the first place
MyIner Agony May 2017
Sweet with his eyes
**** with his body
Tat my 'Gummybear'
Cuddles me with care
And kisses me with Love
Tat my 'Snuggle Wuggles'
Hugs me with protection
Makes me laugh
Tat my 'Sweets'
Melts me with his smile
holds me within his heart
Tat my 'NukaNuka'
Swaddles me with his careful thoughts
Whispers me calm with his voice
Tat my 'Austin'
And I love my 'Austin'
MyIner Agony May 2017
My FOF's is all I have right now
so until they leave they will always have
my full respect for being there for me
through the good and the bad
they stick close even though sometimes we
and even when there's tension between
I'll stick with them 'til they beg me to leave
Because that's what we do
Because we're apart of a Family Of Friends
and true families stick together
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