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  Passions! Exist,
     desist not let
         thresholds of passions.
              Vikings yet…
                  Kings regard King Arthur,
                      snow white snow flakes glisten,
                        “winter, the snow-cold thaw”
                              Spring chime of Big Ben!
                                    succinct debonair benevolence.
                                        Pedantic pedagogue
                                            of impudence of More Thomas!
                                               passions of Love, unity, solidarity.
                                                  a blend of humane, man, men.
                                                                ­  Love,
                                                                ­     Love!

Muhumuza Kenneth Ezra
"Victorian enigma"
Spells of chieftain splendor
Bespeaking of loyal grandeur
Now the eye clearly sees without fear
At dusk!
The ancient kingdom of Assur?
A flight in time and space from afar?
Was that ingenious creativity of flair?
Still bids indubitable eternal mystery!
Are clothes on man an anecdote of utter hypocrisy?
Is sarcastic humor a precursor of hidden sinister?
The animals hereof show their ******,
Undertone tinges of impeccant simplicity
Stirring poignant Achilles' heel character
As an infant suckling the breast of saccharine nature;

Lo! And behold…
Sage mortals envisage a grotesque quest for a promising stage,
Regnant and dignified?
The new-age psyches’ beatify and feebly beg
"Reform, in fact, is, rather softly, on the win”
The lighthouse flashing against the sleet-blurred fig twig
As every sacred notion becomes an unwavering origin certain,
With no remorse that mankind can now ascertain
The bewildering incarnation of science in religion!
Like a single lily among lilies in a dark dungeon
Great spirits now encounter violent opposition
“Un-awakened Children silently screaming with pessimism”
Hiding within the smooth sacred mask of personality
Yet the fear of “the unknown” silently plays a drowsier symphony
Calling back the violent rays to illuminate a peaceable destiny
Were illusionary realities conform to the whims of a veiled deity,
This goddess!
A mystifying inferno doing its own radiance faster
What a fuss!
So light-footed as love yet so heavy-footed as war
As if to justify the whirling gloom of despair
Like the bleakness of the morning cuckooing rooster
Or the dog which barks at his own image in a pond;
“What startling veneration”
Mortals without remorse still aspire to find
The misplaced diamonds and daffs upon the beamish ground.

Muhumuza  Kenneth Ezra.
Of fame or life,
Which do you hold dearer?
Of life or wealth,
To which would you adhere?
Keep life and lose those other things;
Keep them and lose your life?
Which brings Sorrow and pain more near?
Men come forth and live; they enter (again) and die!

Thus we may see,
Who cleaves to fame-
Rejects what is more great;
Who loves large stores…
Gives up the richer state.

Who is content
Needs fear no shame.
Who knows to stop
Incurs no blame.
From danger free
Long live shall he….

Who thinks his great achievements poor
Shall find his vigor long endure.
Of greatest fullness, deemed a void,
Exhaustion ne'er shall stem the tide.
Do thou what's straight still crooked deem;
Thy greatest art still stupid seem,
And eloquence-a stammering scream….

Muhumuza Kenneth Ezra.
     success, Catholic
is! ecumenical
unity writhe:
                                                             eternal rock
                                                             beneath, my
                                                             Love is
         Wuthering heights,
                                                             Jane Eyre,
      Charlotte Bronte,
             Connotation, religion
motions of humane spirit guile not, vile not. Agile is
                              Catholic acumen unity acumen? Salvation of human
                                                             hearts heights
                                                             and hearth.
                                                             “Love one
                                                             another” An
                                                             angel begat
                                                             the scepter
                                                             of Lords.
    Heavens Love!
          acumen! Catholics,
                                                             the Holy Lord
       is our shepherd.

Muhumuza Kenneth Ezra (Inspired by Stephern Tweheyo)
In Light, we see!
With intent, we are free….
Choosing to live a balanced Life,
generous with our Love
Is it just for us?

How about the stray dog looking for its lost master?
Trampled by woe!
searching for a house with Love
With no Choice but to hold on.

Is there a way for us to Change?
To savor the moment now?


To Love unconditionally!
To give incessantly!
To draw closer in Unity!

Is there time for us to grow?
Could the Moment be now?
For whatever we sow…..
It’s not about how,
In time it will show,
However slow,


To savor the moment,
To regain the peace lost;
To keep the pride hoist.

Muhumuza Kenneth Ezra
Why muffle nature’s cause
    For a second chance?
        To heal a soul returning to light plus
            Bespeaking an impending course
                 Predetermined in time and space
                      That this voguish emotion may win benevolence
                            Explaining such a remarkable science!
                                 “The Science of Love”
                                        That protects humanity twice
                                             As much…
                                                  And warms the rousing soul thrice
                                                        As such…

Muhumuza Kenneth Ezra.
Often times, abominations misled;
memories beyond travels abound,
with a mint of souls falsifying the "wind"
"flossing" our inner guide they intend...
maintaining a "*****-game" like "secret agents"
what’s for the future?
having travelled from afar
is this our place?
to delineate as “aliens” scudding from the surface?
Who are we-but sojourners casting a dice of chance!
hitting the freeway, but for what "price"?
followed by a little "preparing the way,"
What else would we think about, anyway?
In time and space...or anywhere else!
We are always here!
We will always be here...

Muhumuza Kenneth. E
The "abductees" can comprehend this more "deepely".
once in a while we encounter "visitors" from afar. you can only "believe-when-you-see". (whatever else said about "them" seems to be so shallow & vain-as compared to the reality of a cosmic equation that earthside mortal intelligence hasnt managed to "answer" or "calculate" as of now. "Visitors" or not: some of us will always Love & Cherish them for what they are. it doesnt matter what they are here for. what matters is the idea of "cosmic oneness". arent we All "One"? )
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