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I eat oranges
Inside of doorhinges
Those words don't rhyme
But that's ok because
At all
All those words rhyme
Because I'm a docder
There is no V ya ******
Im the docder
u do what i say
if u dont u will die
from a disease on a random day
im smarterer than u
i got my phd
and without me
u would be dead from triple E
i live in the bayou
cuz i can
eat ur watamelones
or u will u not get a tan
eat ur prunes
or ur *** will get clogged
and u will pop open and die
trust me
Ima docder
poetry is stupid
it makes no sense
how does a turltle in the sea of immortality
translate to life is good
poetry *****
it should all be burned
id rather eat 10,000 ducks
poetry is the worst
and i am not the 1st
to say that poems are crap
they are better when they are rapped
ogden nashes poems are to short
while charles bukowski is a flat out perver
there is so much stuff better than poetry
like playing on a minecraft server
or watching TV or playing video games
even going to school influences less pain
poetry is for fools
that only like to drool
in front of a piece of paper
and write poems, well im a hater
and rhoald dahl makes the worst poems
critisizing the television
how do u get the news and the weather
and learn about politicians
so i end here
and if ur reading this
ur a queer

— The End —