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Michal Czechak Apr 2016
[Author's Note: These are song lyrics.]

Restlessly inactive
Desperate for the formula for joy

Recklessly reactive
Rescued from the silence of the void

(Hearing everything)
From under the frozen ground
You walk on by
                        I explode
Without so much as a sound

And then you're near!
Trembling like the earth

The ice that disappears
Blown softly open
By degrees

As slight as deep
Morning tundra yawns
A filthy whine

Disturbing the soil of years

A product of my environment
Skeptical and wired
More than a little irrelevant
Always so tired

Of tragedies already written
Of competition for roles
To survive, win or lose,
To pay the price for repetition
I vow to leave this spectacle behind

But then you're here!
Barer than the trees

Your buzzing, breathless fear
Blown softly over
By a breeze

As light as sleep
Budding blossoms weep
A minted sigh

Releasing the doubt alive in me

Baby come for me
Let me know your zeal
Let me know your greed
Let me know you feel

Even if you may not love me
Baby come for me

(Born of the urge
To devour what is beautiful
Favor the nectar of a queen

Torn by the surge
To divide the irreducible
Savor the subtle taste of spring)

Into everything
Over fertile ground
You walk on by
                        I explo-

© Michal Czechak 2010-2016

— The End —