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Megan Kirby Apr 2011
Put me out of my misery,
don't think I can take much more.
Was like a knife through my heart, babe,
when you shut that door.

And I can't stop thinking bout,
how much better this should have gone,
but you shut me out,
before the dawn.

And I usually think,
Love's something worth fighting for,
But baby it just killed me,
When you shut that door.
song in progress
Megan Kirby Apr 2011
Feels like I'm losing,
little pieces of myself,
cuz with each call I make,
it feels more like this is just our fate.

Never knowing the truth,
destine to wade through all these lies,
but I don't know if I can survive,
failing your trusting eyes.

But I put this brave face on,
and just hope you don't see,
the absolute terror,
that's hiding inside me.
Megan Kirby Apr 2011
Take my hand,
lead me to my destiny.
This white dress is so big,
just like my childhood fantasy.

Tears roll down your cheeks,
as you place my hand in his,
and give me away,
but I'll still love you always, Daddy!
Megan Kirby Apr 2011
You don't have to understand me,
to make me special...
Baby, I'm already there.

My complexity, is my rarity.
I'm beyond com-******'-pare.

Got words in my mouth
& songs in my head
Thought that's what you loved about me...

Hell, I thought we were in love,
But guess that's just another stupid line ya fed me.
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