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Ugly lashings on my skin,
still fresh from within.
It bleeds and painfully burns,
I taste it with scorn.
Little bones break with a snap,
unbearable crunch.
I limp away with boldness,
laughing with such craze.
She whispers her sweetest lines,
nasty evil lies!
Some test for my sanity,
my great agony.
(c) Montes1275*2010
Once the most glorious creatures,
now the condemned beings.
They were the favorite of God.
Yet, they betrayed His trust.

Cast out forever from heaven,
thrown in the pits of hell.
These creatures hold a vendetta,
to steal the souls of men.

They have attractive disguises,
deceptive devices.
Demons manipulate a fiend,
even a trusted friend
(c) 1275Montes*2010

— The End —