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maxime May 2017
Happy. Happy. Happy.*
It's been my mantra and I refuse to let it go.
I refuse to latch on to the dark cloud above me.
I refuse to pull you under alongside me.
You have never succumbed to my negative voice,
and I think I love you for that alone.
I promise I am trying, I am.
I will not let this go.
I've been progressively trying to become more positive and optimistic. It's working...slowly.
maxime May 2017
Darling, you're being to ******* yourself.
Darling, I hate to see you cry.
You cannot blame yourself for learning how to fly.
The lightness in your step, the sparkle in your eye
I truly hope are things that will never ever die.
Never apologize for setting yourself free.
You're finally showing who you always wanted to be.
maxime Apr 2017
i'm hurt
you're hurting me
*and whatever
oh **** oh **** oh **** !!!!!!
maxime Apr 2017
I just want to understand how you want me to last a month on my own when I can barely survive 24 hours without wanting to die
maxime Apr 2017
When will this all stop? When can I finally rest? I just want to die. I'm not asking much.
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