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Mario Hamblin Nov 2010
You make me smile like the sun lights up the moon. It happenes everyday without the sun knowing it half the time and mostly never trying. Doesnt mean it is less meaningful and doesnt mean i dont appreciate it ad much. Living with out you is the end of the universe. And even though your the biggest and brightest star there ever was and that when another star blinks out of existance, i will still be there. Watching and basking in your beauty. The star that lights up the eternal darkness of my space, warm embrace, one of a kind smile. You even had me make that song your my sunshine your theme song. Best thing about you is, i dont even have to say you brighten up my day cause without you there would be no light. You brighten up my life. Warm embrace of you, My Sun.
Mario Hamblin Nov 2010
twinkle twinkle little star, do you know how bright you are. Traveling the galaxy, text messages from a far. Your light intensity raises the bar. Wishing you were closer, hugs so sweet. Face so extravagent, kisses so deep. You say jump, with no thoughts i leap. Desire to land in your arms, i fall (for you) and noone helps me to my feet. I am scared and feel decite, like a fool to believe i was deserving but in reality i was submerged and beneath. rolling to my right with tears in my eyes i gaze apon the pearly whites of your teeth. You say "Took you long enough to fall in it with me, Sheesh" Twinkle twinkle little star oh how wonderful you truly are. From out of this universe, lighting up the sky. The only diamond in my eye. Twinkle Twinkle little star my love exceeds twice as far. :)
Mario Hamblin Nov 2010
Hard to breathe.
Lead limbs.
Heart starts to seize.
Mind very blank and grim.
Emotions flooding back, begining to overwhelm.
Kinda feels like I'm falling up.
Just confused, thousands on my mental ship but noone at the helm.

The wave crashed and I am engulfed.
Swallowed whole, into the dark depth.
Sinking slowly releasing my last breathe.
Seeming to be my mental watery grave.
I am my imaginations slave.
Taught to stay in line and behave.

I guess this is life when conforming to the world.
Mario Hamblin Nov 2010
Slowly creeping, every in foreward make noise louder and more obvious. I reach the destination. Slowly open it up. I see what I want. Reach in slow, grip, and pull slowly not to damage or make too much noise. Push the buttons and unwind it to the top, rip it off and taste the delightful substance, coursing through my body, refreshing to the taste, exstacy. Some spills down me but I don't mind the smell and taste is amazing. "Delicious". I close the fridge, go back up stairs and go to bed. :-)
Get out of the gutter. Rolf
Mario Hamblin Nov 2010
Pain redefined, hidden within the confines of my heart.
All in time it bleeds out, slowly the wound creeps open.
From which my heart speaks, blinds my mind... Its dark.
I am changing morphing into something inhuman, and dark.
Those who say love is blind should add that heartbreaking should be a crime.

How is it when I'm your suspicious, I'm a liar.
If I'm such a bad person why stay with me?
This torture is too much, my heart is crying, its eyes are on fire.
Seeing me squirm must be such a sight to see.
Kicking me while I'm down, spitting in my face.
Saying I love you baby after kisses, but your venom is all I taste.
In your design a monster is what I am depicted to be.
Such a bad name I am given, like the scarlet A.
Insane run around and sadistic mind games you play.
A picture fabricated of ******* lies that couldn't be, shouldn't be, can't be, and your the only person that can ******* see, that a monster is what I should be.
This is my clawing your name out of my brain.
Trying to become normal, begging to become sane.

I hate you for all your lies and decite and pain you've cause.
You vindictive *****, I'm breaking your laws.
No more will I cringe at the sight of your picture.
No more thinking of your memory on an hourly fixture.
Toast to you ******* the guys you claimed were "friends".
And congrats to you having had an affair behind my back, again.
Never again will I be broken and toyed with at yours or any ones whim.
Blood will rain down and reality will bend before I am manipulated again.
Thanks for teaching me the valuable lesson that humans are **** and everyone just pretends.
Now kindly I will tell you **** and have a nice day, words from your "friend".
Let me close my eyes and pretend that this crumpled up paper can be perfect again.
Been heartbroken, thrown around and hurt too many times. Just had to write a f*ck you poem to everyones ex that hurt them. This is for you.
Mario Hamblin Nov 2010
Kepp working, stay on my grind. God, school and moneys only on my mind. Lovely women happen to come by and that's fine. Touch my paper and I will decline.

Stress build, heavy weight on my mind. Trying to walk with god and take life one day at a time. People take what they want and ask for more. I don't hustle because I am poor (I'm not), its in my blood (a clot).

Had my hustle ever reached my core, it would attack me and stop my beat. Soul song silenced for eternity for desiring to achieve greatness. Such a paradoxacal oximoron drifts throughout my body keeping me alive unbeknownced to my concienceness.

My kryptonite is infact what makes me a super solider. For ever I will fight waging a mental spiritual war. I pull the trigger at whatever stands in my way and eliminate the prey for I am the predator. In future roles will switch and I will hear the heavenly bell ring, such a divine pitch.

So for no I fight and fight I will. Untill the kryptonite reached my heart and it attacks me. My internal double edge sword. Hustle.
Was going through some hard times financially and just threw my emotions into my blackberry.
Mario Hamblin Nov 2010
I built these walls to protect myself.
Encase myself in steel to keep intruders out.
I ripped my heart out, pickled it and put it on a shelf.
Zipped my mouth and lobotomized myself to exsponge doubt.

I encase my house in a steel cage, bottle up my sadness, fury, rage.
My room sealed shut, locked with a deadbolt.
Strapped into my bed just me and my colt.
45 that is hallucinating and yet peacefully bliss.
A knock on the door.... What the **** is this.

Who's is this knocking on my door. I sealed myself in this world, never see anyone, anymore.
I peek through the window, can't believe my eyes.
In the wall lies a huges gaping hole, dynamite explosion marks her introduction.
Chainsawed bars from where the sparks flew, instantly I knew it was her kiss that broke through.
Her hug was the key that opened the door to me.
Smiling at me is what set me free.

Hopeless I stare, whowhatwhenwhere?!
Feelings arise deep from in there.
She found the jar, brought it to me empty.
Smug devilish smile, for some reason began to tempt me.
I ask "What did you do with what defined me"
She replied "Inplace of mine is where it shall be".
And we traded, easily I see, I'm still pondering how in the hell she got the key.
Key to my heart what leads to me, who are you? How can this be.

She: I am your desire whoever you wish me to be.
Me: you are perfect as you are, as long as you stay with me. I have no mind to think with so nothing can ruin us.
And in an instant she pulled it from thin air, without a care.
She: use this to please and entertain me for you are great, a caged king to be. You have been hurt by others this I can see.
But I hold the key, I belong to you, and you belong to me.

And with that she set me free, the ******* that I have set to be. Something to encage and enslave me. To such a low point and hoplessness for which light you cannot see. I am now whole and happy as can be.

— The End —