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 Apr 2014 Louis DeTorr
Sahil Suri
Have  I ever told you- I still have your boutonniere?
Perched proudly upon my poetry books~
All of the memories of "Us" may have been stored-
in a box solely for those memories
but that flower stands proudly,
untouched from the date- May 3rd

Fragile as it may be ( now dehydrated )
It remains a symbol of our love -
Filled with beauty, and fantasy-
but now dried out-
yet I still have it

Should I throw it away?
Forget and abandon it-
Or keep it as a memory?
and risk it growing on me
The longer it stays
the more questions arise...

Do you still have yours- Or is it gone forever?
*Do withered flowers lose their beauty?
 Mar 2014 Louis DeTorr
Sahil Suri
Before I begin, allow me to explain,
I too loved.. once,
so think of me not as some cynic-
nor as a master in the ways of love-
but rather as a keen observer-
now, that may mean I have nothing to offer you-
no insider knowledge-
no secrets of love-

But I do  know how to tell a true love story -

So let’s begin,

True love, if there is such a thing at all,
is like the thread that makes the cloth
you can’t tease it out-
you can’t extract meaning-
without ending up deeper in the web-
and it always remains-
hidden under layers -

In the end, that’s all you can really say about any
True love story-
They don’t generalize-
They don’t analyze-
They arent found-
They just… happen.

and that’s what makes them “true.”

But what is this coveted “love” -
the emotion?-
the act?-
the mentality?-

Love, is a constant state of illusionment-

A collective agreement amongst humans-
that it, whatever it may be,  can be treated as an excuse
for recklessness, irrationality, and misplaced strife-  

A quid pro quo  between two individuals-
to agree that they are doing something-
other than mindlessly drudging through life-

Now that is not to say that what love creates is pointless-
I said before, I have felt the embrace of love
Love festers between individuals for so long
it has no option-
but to mould the physical to itself-
and alter our personalities-

Characterized by spontaneity-
by indulgence-
by risk-
to love is the most dangerous experience in existence-
the act of being fully vulnerable with another-
while promising not to hurt them the same-

Love is characterized by vulnerability-
and the constant fear of being hurt-

So you want to know how to write a true love story?
be honest-
dwell not on the “romantic” blindfolds that keep us irrationally seeking our partners-
dwell not on the on the memories of a love that blossomed-
reveal the core of love -

A true love story comes from gut instinct-
A true love story, comes from experience.
A true love story, if truly told, makes the stomach believe

So I said I loved once,
allow me to elaborate-

I too have felt the “butterfly stomach”
- where the insides of the lovestruck turn on their host and manifests the emotional significance of meeting “the one”

I too have spent the day daydreaming...
-Lost in the thought of “the one”, seeking brief breaks from reality in my mind between moments of  utter normalcy

I too have melted into a puddle of emotion….
-lying next to “the one” as we slowly spill more and more of the secrets that bound us as individuals, joining a spirit much larger than ourselves-

I too have felt... invincible-
-to know that I’ve found something more significant than myself. Something that replaces the fear of the future.. and makes it something to look forward to.

Yes, I too have fallen in love.
and I did just that-
I fell.

..And that is my true love story-
Edit: Thank you everyone. It has meant a lot.
 Aug 2013 Louis DeTorr
Sahil Suri
yet innately harmonious
a cacophony of noise
shrouding my body
the harsh
empowering light
battering from above

the oppressive
heat and humidity
caressing my body as I walk

Barefoot on the open gravel

Shouts are heard
from countless merchants
from the shops and bazaars
the honking of horns
the ringing of bells
from bikes
and motor rickshas

people bustle around
performing a dizzying range of tasks
yet all working
to a common goal
to survive

Yet amidst the chaos
Children run through the streets
weaving between countless giants
to sate their desire for fun
and exercise their fragile innocence

unmarred by the horrors of the world.

A beautiful mess
of livelihood and dreams of success
a true cultural experience for the senses
While it may not seem the most appealing at first
I don't know how else to stress
an amazing experience for all who enter nonetheless
 Feb 2013 Louis DeTorr
Sahil Suri
I tried to write you a song
about all the things you do
but trying to rhyme with
is really hard to do
it's true

So I settled for a poem
But i guess you could sing that too
so let's just call this a song
from me
to you

you taught me a lot
from biology
to the meaning of synechdoche
but that's not why
you make me happy

Maybe it's your smile
but that's so cliche'
well what is it
that I'm actually trying to say

I think im going a bit crazy
heads-over heals-y
for you
and honestly

I don't know what to do

but I don't want to do anything
without you
 Feb 2013 Louis DeTorr
Sahil Suri
Dear Ali

Your laugh,
the pulse, that can stop my heart’s beat
or start it anew once more

Your hands,
crutches that keep me standing  strong
through the good times and wrong

Your eyes,
Two beautiful jewels as blue as the ocean,
and well
... I tend to get lost out at sea

Your lips,
Purer than the softest silk
and more beautiful than you could ever think

Your touch,
warms me to my core
And always leaves me thinking of you, more and more

Your love,
Changes life’s very meaning
From innately odd, to beautifully teaming

Your soul,
is as pure as a drop of gold
and far more precious

My hand,
longing, hoping, waiting to interlock with yours
Eternally- together
My chest,
but a pillow
My shoulder,
but a tissue, to wipe your every tear
My arms,
your shield
My ears,
your diary
My motive,
your eternal happiness
My heart,
beats for you and you alone

My life,
all yours if only
You could take it’s dictionary-
and rip out the word lonely

and I could say to you
What I’ve been trying to say
Since I fell for you
I, I love you.
 Feb 2013 Louis DeTorr
Sahil Suri
The perpetual rain
of stress and distain
sadness and sorrow
just people waiting
for a better 'morrow

in this dreaded gloom
very few are brave enough
to come out and bloom

I happened to see one,

and my heart went

I may have skipped a few beats
thinking about you
waiting for you in the summer heats
running past you,
in muddy cleats

One like you, rare indeed
not afraid of the rain,
and planting your own seed
and when I see you

I melt into another puddle in the rain
amongst the crowd- all the same
yet puddles can hope to love
yet in your world of magic
I am but one of many muggles
strange indeed

alas, the only ones who fall in love with puddles
are those who dance in the rain

All I have left to say
is Ali...
Dance away
and I will be here for you
2 weeks with the most amazing girl in the world <3
(I only wish she was in school today so I could give it to her...)
 Feb 2013 Louis DeTorr
Sahil Suri
Every time i see you
It's like love at first sight
my heart falls to my stomach
my palms get sweaty
my voice runs away

To be honest
I force myself not to do the same

every time i see you
my mind goes blank
any thought
or previous notion


It focuses on you
your perfect pink lips
your crystal blue eyes
your beautifully frizzy hair
your dimples
That space between your fingers
--where mine belong--

oh if i could sing
we could make such a beautiful song
i would never do you any wrong

somehow you heard what i was trying to say
and then you said "yes'
--my heart screamed YAY!--

and yet
every time i see you I forget
that I can call you my own
and feel as if we are but strangers
and I am falling in love with you
for the first time in my life

But I promise you
I will soon conquer this nervousness
and become
the guy you signed up for :)
And ill give you all my love
and more
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