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 Jul 2014 Logan Smith
Red eyes
Have protected me
From your lies.

Blurred vision,
slurred speech,
Brought memories into reach.

Do I want to forget,
Or wish to remember,
Regardless, I am upset.

Is it wishful thinking,
Or my mind playing tricks,
All along I knew you were leaving.
 Apr 2014 Logan Smith
 Apr 2014 Logan Smith
unannounced to me
is a light beginning to shed
through what we once thought has been love
but no chances to relive
all the times we seldom tried
to give a chance to another dream
and pierce a thought in the heart of insanity
It's funny
Our Paths
Split                     Break
Off from                             Away from
each other.                                          one another
We loop and twirl          We zig and zag
         every now and then
     Only to lose each other                Never quite making
In the ether                                                            ­   the connection
Until One day                                                              ­           Until we've reached
   When we feel                                                             ­               A point so low          the farthest apart                                                            ­     That we've given up.
We suddenly realize                                                          ­    It becomes so obvious
How foolish we've been.                             How blind we were to not see
The person we love.      The person we cherish
Has always been walking  
right by our side  
if we had only  
opened our eyes
 Nov 2013 Logan Smith
If I had one wish,
Would I be with you,
Or would I have left you,
Would I hold you close,
Or would I push you away,
Would I pick you up,
Or would I be the one who knocked you down?
If I just had one wish,
Would I love you,
Or would I despise you,
Would I be honest,
Or would I lie to you,
Would I be with you,
Or would I be anywhere else?
If I had one wish,
I would still be lost,
Not because thats what I want,
But because thats where I am;
I am lost without you and lost with you.
I confess that I am worried
I confess that I am scared
I confess that I've been staring for too long at your empty chair
I confess that I am fickle
I confess that I am scarred
I confess that I too often see your face among the stars
I confess that I am tired
I confess that I am stressed
I confess that I still long to lay my head upon your chest
I confess that I am hopeful
I confess that I am strong
I confess that I know someday you'll be back where you belong
I confess that I still love you
I confess that I still care
I confess that I've felt space beside me
Wishing for you there
 Sep 2013 Logan Smith
You're the hurricane
Swirling through my brain,
Your words are the lightning,
And my tears are the rain.

Nothing will make up for
The scars and the pain;
The suffering and tears,
And cursing your name.

I feel so depressed;
So upset and ashamed,
My world without you
Will never be the same.

Am I making sense
Or am I insane?
You are an anchor,
And my love for you is the chain.

I'm stuck on you,
Though you are the one to blame,
I got so hurt,
Yet you remained the same.

I'm drowning in my love for you,
Or is it hate that I now show?
After all that you've done to me,
I love you, but want you to explode.
and eventually you'll find out that nothing that mattered, matters
 Sep 2013 Logan Smith
Sometimes i wish i was gone
Can't bare this pain i wish it was done
I ask myself question after question
But in the end there's no type of answer
My heart is fill with alot of anger
I can give a faked smile
As my regret thoughts run through my head after a while
I wish people could see what's inside of me
Without me having to speak
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