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Lauren Librada Sep 2015
It's been a while since i felt this kind of emotion
The moment I saw you my heart sank in the deep ocean
Lauren Librada Aug 2015
Kung ako'y mawawala
Iiyak ka kaya?
Kung ako'y mawawala
Ako ba'y iyong kalilimutan
Ibubulong nalang sa hangin
Paagusin sa dagat ng mga bituin
Kung bigla mang sumagi saiyong isipan
Ang aking pangalan
Salamat aking Kaibigan
Lauren Librada Aug 2015
I am thinking we can be together
and make memories that we can treasure
You may realize it maybe never
that being with you gives me pleasure

Your beauty is unfathomable
That pierce right through my soul
Your smile alone is a novel
Every chapter is a mystery to unravel

So i will take the chance
Please dont stab my heart with a lance
Because i'll be blue
when the time comes that you will bid adieu
Lauren Librada Aug 2015
In a night like this
where the whole city sleeps
lying in my bed
thinking of you in my head

When all the lights are gone
and only fireflies waiting for dawn
underneath the moon
here I am waiting for your text in the room

Everytime we are together
all of my doubts falter
never imagine this chance will come
i am in bliss for all you've done

Love was never the choice
it is always the cause
and now my heart sings and rejoice
so let's dance and have a toast

Someday you and I will reach for the skies
catch the stars and place it in your eyes
I will always be here waiting,
waiting for you while i am smiling.
Lauren Librada Aug 2015
It feels like eternity
When you are near beside me
My heart skips a beat
And you knock me off my feet

How I wish we are mutual
And feelings move gradual
If you can only see
That your heart is the key
Lauren Librada Aug 2015
I know we are away
That a chance is so slim
Now my heart is in fray
Like a candle in dim

You don't even know me
I hope there's still chance
To give a spark in your eyes
Like sunset in paradise

That short hair of yours
Falling gently in course
And girl when you smile
My heart stops for a while

For this special month
I just want to take a chance
Making this ample stunt
Hoping that we can have a dance
Lauren Librada Aug 2015
Would you rather be the first choice?
Or the option that will change his mind.

— The End —