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LAS Nov 2013
All of this began as a dream
     the most vivid vision.
It felt like looking into the future
     this time, it was the unknown.
The hard truth I was about to learn;
     the weather was calm, the season was new;
     the water flowing around us was fresh.
Then I looked up to see your face,
     my eyes returned down,
     to see mine reflected on the water's surface.
I felt the significance was shallow,
     little did I know it was all about the creek
     that carried you alone to the river.
I never knew the downhill flow to be so treacherous.
The longest moment, all so terrifying;
I couldn't wake up, it was my real-life nightmare.
I first wrote a circle poem, and turned those words into the last word for each line in this poem.  I would definitely like to use this approach again in the future.  Again, an old poem from junior year English class.
LAS Nov 2013
Darkness encasing the long day passed
the Final Stage is coming at last
this is the part where It comes to a Close
what this Absence holds, no one knows
many correlate with a long time Fear
but the Unknown Realm is drawing near
Understanding of this Closing Time lacks
but it is understood that It will come back
what must be overcome is this Hesitation
possible with such repeat Visitation
I wrote this a little over three years ago.  I was a junior in high school and it was an assignment for my honors English class.
LAS Nov 2013
It was only the first night I met you, and I knew
I could get lost in the way the moonlight reflected in your eyes.
But it was nothing compared to your heart,
Your heart and the way it beat in rhythm with mine.

And so that night, and every night,
I did get lost in the way the moonlight reflected in your eyes
But it was nothing compared to the way I saw myself,
When I saw myself reflected in your eyes

And now I will never forget that day,
The day that took a piece of me forever.
Now exists a darkness so deep,
The darkness is threatening to swallow me whole.

And now today, and every day,
I miss seeing the way the moonlight reflects in your eyes,
I miss feeling the synchronized beat of your heart with mine,
And most deeply, I miss the unity of our souls when our eyes met.

— The End —